Chapter 2: new prisonerMature

The interrorgation room

So you won't answer my questions huh? " one detective said.

(He slams his fist on the table) WHERE ARE THEY? !!!

The prisoner remain quiet

"Okay then if you won't give up the information, then well send you behind bars and handcuff you to the bars and electricute you till you give us the information." the detective said.

So as they send the prisoner to his cell, the jail door shut behind him he extends his hands as they handcuff him to the jail cell door. Then electricity flows thru the cell door,  the handcuffs spark and sending the current to his wrist.  He screams in agonny as tears shed out of his eyes and 3rd degree burns rip thru his wrists and hands and arms as he's screaming in excusiating pain. but he refuses to be broken, no he rather die with the infomation intact, then give it up to the decetives.

the chief looked at both detectives "look there's got to be a way to get information out of these guys before they die instantly" he said

"They won't snitch the info they remain loyal to Queen Ayla your niece." he said.

"well don't let Terrex find out about this" the chief said.

"Don't worry he won't know a single thing" decetive Maya said.

The End

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