The Jacob And Renesme love story

This Is In The Point Of u Of Renesme When She Is 17 Phsiclaay As She Try To Keep The Secret of Werewolfs,Vampire,

As I Danced Around My Room Listing Taylor Swift Blasting As My Mom Came Into My Room."Turn it down Superstar "My mom Said Walking As Soon As My mom Left I Rember My Skating Show Was in a hour My parents Probably knew but jake didnt .so i pulled out My Purple Iphone And scrolled To Jake"s number

"Hey jake" i said

"My Skating Show Is In a Hour Will u Come "As I Bited Lip Like Mom Used To Do

"Sure "Jake said "See Ya Nessie Bear"

As I Hung Up Blushing  Bright Red.As Walked Into My Gintac Closet Scramebed Around Looking For My Skates As I Poped Into My Skating Outfit .And i heared A Knock Scramling Faster And Runs To Get The Door.

"Jakey Bear "I smiled .I was almost ready when I heard a knock at the door. My heart tightened in my chest. He came.

"I'll get it." I screamed as I flew down the stairs and ripped the door open, almost tearing it from it's hinges. I stopped as soon as I saw him. He was so tall, so gorgeous. I wanted to pinch myself. I couldn't believe he was mine.

"Careful, Nessie." He laughed as he opened his arms for me.

I practically leapt into them and he held me close. He smelled so good. He kissed me passionately until my Dad coughed behind us.

Dad tried not to look disapproving. Even though he knew Jakey and I were meant to be together, he still thought I was too young.
"Hello, Jacob, I hate to break this up, but Nessie you're going to be late if we don't get going."

 And Jakey Walked Me To The Door Marked Juniors.And I Went In  And Bestie Kayla Stared At Jake

"Cute Bf"She said with jeasouly in her Voice

As All My Bestie Crowed Around The Peephole .And We Crowed In The Line At The Door To The Ice

The End

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