"You finally decide to talk, huh?"


"Sorry for being so harsh on you."

"No prob."

"Uh, it is a problem."

"No. It is not. Look, can we not talk about this anymore?"


"I wanna tell you something. Tell you about my life after I left the house. I think it'll answer all the questions running through your head right now."


"Meet me, at Music Cafe. 3:00 sharp. It is a long story."


He hung up. It was 2:30. I got ready looking at my watch every five mintues. And I prepared myself with facts and opinions, you know, just in case. And at 2:50 I left my apartment. I arrived exactly at 3:02 and saw my brother waiting in a booth with two cups of coffee. He was quiet. His expression was solemn. It looked exactly like Kaya's. He drank some of his coffee and stared into the smoking glass.

"When I left," he began. I relaxed myself and I did not interrupt.

"I said I wanted to be independent. That was true. But there another reason I wanted to leave." He paused. This was like one of those suspense movies with the creepy background music.

"One night, my girlfriend, Hally, called. Remember the the day I stayed locked up in my room?" I nodded.

"Well, she had called me sobbing terribly and she cried and cried until she spoke to words: 'I'm pregnant!' And I wasn't the father. I loved her so dearly that we eloped. That was the day I left. She wanted to run away from it all and spend the rest of her life with me. I wanted to do the same. We got married at the age of 23. Her wonderful child, we named her Elizabeth, loved me. She was beautiful. Mother and daughter. We raised a family and I started the hotel buisness. We were rich! But she had no concern for money. She loved me and our child. That was all she had. At the age of 25, on the day of my birthday, she left me. Why? Because she had been raped by my best friend. She couldn't handle the pain. She loved me, but she was dying inside. She had been raped rwice! And now she had to move on. She loved me! Loved me! I managed to move on. These girls I make love with... they remind me of her. And I take out my sadness. Drain it out when I show affection for a girl. But I never hold on to a relationship... I'm afraid the same thing would happen again. But now, I give up treating girls the way the two men treated my love. And I'm sorry... for everything."

How weird... he lost his love the same way I did. It was fate. I stood up.

"Garrett, you gave me all the answers I needed. I am sorry too. And I hope you understand. And don't call me tonight. I need some time alone."

I walked alone, leaving my poor brother in the dark and somber cafe.

The End

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