The LunchMature

It was about 12 p.m. Garrett seemed tense, but his casual talk made him seem normal. We walked into the grand restaurant located in The Jackson Hotel.

"Mr. Jackson!? What are you doin here? I mean, what brings you here?" asked a beautiful (obviously) waitress.

"My brother," he said motioning toward me, "wanted to come here for lunch. It's his fault." He laughed and the waitress giggled blushing.

"Well, choose your seat, Mr. Jackson. I mean, it is your hotel."

"Levi? Where do you want to sit?"

"Wherever. I don't care."

"Well, then, Margaret... take us to an empty seat. Nothing fancy, though."

Smiling, Garrett patted her on the back and whispered to her. Obviously, it was some kind of "meeting".

We sat down into a velvety-cushioned booth and ordered.

"Beer?" Garrett asked.

"I'm 19. I don't drink."

"In my restaurant you do."


"Two beers."

"But Garrett... I don't drink."

"Sure you do."

"I don't."

"Oh, Levi. Levi, Levi, Levi. Don't you understand that getting drunk is pure happiness? It's wonderful."


I took a sip. And gulped down the rest of the fizzy drink. I felt dizzy and woozy... but I still was aware of my surroundings.


Garrett smiled and ordered more and more until I was completely drunk and my vision was blurred. I talked lazily and blurted things I didn't mean to blurt out. Garrett, acting like a gentleman, stayed calm and smiled every minute or so when a waitress passed by our booth.

"Garrett," I said drunkily, "you are the_" I burped.

"What am I?"


"What am I?"

"You are a man. An ass. A stupid idiotic brother."

Garrett laughed.

"Oh really. Well, that was rude."

"You wanna know what's rude?"


"When a man rapes a girl."

Garrett stared.

"Especially if that man is your brother."

Garrett stood up.

"And the girl is your girlfriend."

Now, Garrett just walked. Walked away silently.

"Levi," he called, "you're drunk! Stop blabbering lies."

"I am drunk. But I speak the truth."

"Yeah, sure."

Garrett walked out of the door. And I, I just sat thinking about what I had just said. Then I slowly dozed off to sleep.

The End

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