The Jackson BrothersMature

Two brothers: Garrett and Levi Jackson. Two different stories. Two lives. Two loves. Two secrets.

The smell of smoke lingered around her. She stared at me, her lipstick shining in the dim light.

"Whiskey?" she asked slowly.

"No. No thanks. I... don't drink," I said trying to sound innocent.

"Well, okay, kid. Then what are you here for? Money? Me?"

"It's my brother I'm here for..."

"Your brother?"

"Yes. Garrett Jackson."

"He's... uh... well..."

The woman stuttered. I knew that everyone woman in the world knew Garrett Jackson. My stupid idiotic brother. He was a millionare. He owned a hotel. I, the younger one, was different. I was not interested in money and fame. Or in drink or smoke. Or in bars and clubs. I like simple women. Not the ones who are scantily clad... though once in a while I slip. Garrett, however, enjoyed all these things. He went to live a life on his own.

"I'm gonna be indepent at last!" he would say everyday.

It's been 10 years. I was 9 years old when he left. He was 17.

"Garrett is with someone right now."

"With someone? As in making love with a woman much younger than him?"

"Uh... yeah..."

"Well, tell him to get his ass over here."

"Yes. I surely will."

The woman stood up, fixing her skirt. She walked into the room and told Garrett to come out.

"What the hell do you want, Marie?"

"He's here."

"Who is?"

"Levi. Jackson. Levi Jackson."

The 27-year old man stood still. I got up and walked toward him. He was in good shape. He was muscular and tan, he was half-naked. His face was shaven and he smelt of liquor.


"Who else?"

"You? You! You?!"

"Yes. Yes. Yes."

"Why_ why_ are you here?"

"To see you."

"Uh... huh."

"Bro. It's been ten years. All you could say is uh huh."

"Sorry. But I'm still amazed. How were you able to find me?"

"I guessed you were in your own hotel making love to a girl."

"And Marie?"

"He just came in. I asked him a couple questions."

"Well, bro. Look I'm a little busy right now. So, we'll catch up later."

"Okay. Here's my cell number and address."

"Still living with our parents?"

"No, I got my own apartment. See you there."



I walked out of the door planning what to do next.

The End

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