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Smiling Jazmyne waved at Adam to follow her, grabbing his three suitcases awkwardly Adam followed Jazmyne to the back of the shop where a small spiral staircase stood in the middle, the black rails were beautiful with winding metal leaves and vines. Upon entering the second story Adam was immediately greeted by twinkling fairy lights that covered the whole ceiling, old dark red sofa’s that looked as if they would be the most comfortable thing in the world, shelves upon shelves of books and an old retro looking radio that sat between two sofas. Through the lounge room Adam could see the small kitchen; it was old looking, like a scene from a 1950’s film with the housewife cooking some overly complicated cake. Adam continued to follow Jazmyne as she went through a small corridor, immediately there were two doors equally separated by a large amount of wall.

“This will be your room.” Jazmyne explained as she opened up the door to the left, entering the room Adam immediately felt claustrophobic, the room was small, the walls were too close together, Adam’s old room in his apartment was probably bigger than the bookstore itself.

However, Adam hid his fear and anger from her with a polite and grateful smile, he should be at least grateful that she was being polite and extremely kind to let him stay here and Adam was careful not to look completely disgusted and disappointed by the whole arrangement. Besides, at least it was clean and presentable, no dead rats or people anywhere.

“The bathroom is just through that door.” Jazmyne pointed at the door in the corner of his room, so they would have to share a bathroom together. Adam felt his heart sink just a little, the bathroom and his room were usually safe places where he could get trashed and completely fucked up, but now because he was sharing with a girl who has clearly never gotten stoned the prospect of him having any fun was now out the window.

“Thanks.” Adam told her breathlessly, he was grateful that she was being kind, but now he wondered what the hell he was going to do with bags filled with pills and powder. He was hardly going to waste perfectly good drugs just because he bought them with all his money, he wanted to at least have a little fun. Who knows when he was going to get this much now that he was poor as fuck.

Adam stood in the small room; Jazmyne had left him to let himself feel at home, although Adam had no idea how this was ever going to feel like home. The room was bare except for a double bed and a wardrobe that was built into the room, the walls were a creamy white and the old carpet was white as snow, nothing in this room ever showed that someone had lived in here and Adam got the distinct feeling that someone probably died in this room.  Shaking his head Adam pushed the morbid thoughts away and started on his suitcases, opening one of them Adam took out the clothes that were thoughtlessly stuffed into the bag, sighing Adam started on the long and tedious work of putting his clothes up on the hangers in the wardrobe. However, halfway through the first suitcase Adam stopped dead in his tracks, there were no more hangers left in the wardrobe, Adam stared at the full wardrobe for what seemed like an hour unable to think of what he was supposed be doing now.

“Adam I’m making lunch, how does chicken and salad sound?” Jazmyne asked as she opened the door, “Hey, are you ok?” she asked him as she walked through the door.

“There aren’t enough hangers.” Adam told her dejectedly as he continued to stare at the wardrobe that only held a quarter of his actual wardrobe. He watched as Jazmyne walked out of the room and a few seconds later came back with more hangers, enough so the one suitcase of clothes could fit comfortably in the wardrobe.

Smiling Jazmyne helped Adam hang up his clothes, he watched her as she hung them up a little amazed that someone could hang up clothes so quickly, it looked like an Olympic sport. Silently for ten minutes Adam hung up his clothes with Jazmyne, it was a nice and comfortable silence there was no need for talk and the only sound that came frequently was the chime of the clock that played a little tune for a minute.

“You have jeans from Armani?” Jazmyne asked as she held up one of Adam’s favourite pair of jeans, they were a beautiful dark blue and the denim was comfortable. Usually if anyone noticed he was wearing or had jeans from Armani he would usually just shrug, but for some reason he felt his face grow hot as Jazmyne looked at the pants.

“Uh… yeah, my parents got it for me on my birthday.” Adam lied, it was a stupid lie, Adam knew that, but something in his head told him to keep his wealth a secret or rather his parent’s wealth kept secret. He had no idea why, but this was the first time in years in which he had actually listened to the logical side of his brain instead of the party side. He looked at Jazmyne, hoping that the universe was kind to him for once and let her accept the lie as truth.

“No, I mean, you can get this sort of stuff at the op-shop or at Debenhams or somewhere for heaps less.” Jazmyne laughed as she folded the jeans on one hanger and hooked it quickly on the metal bar, once again Adam felt his face grow hot. Yeah, no one cares where you got the jeans from, Adam’s brain told him, it was devastatingly sarcastic and Adam mentally told himself to shut the hell up.

Oh God, he was obviously going crazy. 

The End

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