Alice In WonderlandMature

They sat there in silence for what seemed like an hour, Adam wanted to ask Jazmyne more questions, just so hopefully he could lead up to the question of if she needed a roommate, which is weird to ask a stranger but he was desperate and poor. He watched as cars slowly passed through the snowy street, the white flakes of snow still falling to the ground, he watched as people pulled their coats and scarves closer their chests as they hurried down and up the street. He smiled at the warmth that consistently hugged him. He watched as Jazmyne got up and walked to the back of the shop, she wore simple dark blue jeans and a simple black v-neck top which showed just a little bit of her black lacy bra. It was tasteful and not at like the girls in the nightclub where he could practically see their plastic tits.

“Would you like tea or coffee Adam?” Jazmyne called from the back of the shop, he could hear her move things around, instantly Adam called out for some coffee before quickly adding a please to the end of it. He knew he would have to get used to saying things like ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ after everything.

Getting a little too hot next to the heater Adam got up and moved around the bookshelves, he ran his fingers along the spines of the old second hand books, some of them were leather with gold letters while others looked nearly brand new. He smiled thoughtfully at them remembering the times in high school, before everything, when he used to sit in the library and just read everything.

Yes, Adam Bright was a bookworm. But he had stopped reading books for five years.

After a few minutes Jazmyne came back out from the back of the shop and handed Adam a warm cup of coffee, he smiled gratefully at her before taking a large gulp of the rich coffee that he had sorely missed, the smell of it instantly woke him up from the stupor that he had placed himself under without his knowledge. Adam watched as Jazmyne looked at the row of books that he had been looking at only moments before, smiling she took out a book that he was particularly interested in, Alice in Wonderland, was one of the first books he had ever read, it was hardly his favourite book but he had a soft spot for it.

“You know, I’ve never read this book… I guess because I’ve watched the Disney version so many times.” Jazmyne laughed.

“The book and the Disney version are completely different. Most of the stuff that happens in the movie actually happens in through the looking glass. Like Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dum.” Adam quickly corrected her before he had a chance to shut his mouth, he looked at her obviously stunned at himself for being such a nerd and an asshole, and she probably already knew that. He looked at her as her cheeks started to blush red and he looked away as a form of apology. He could hear her put the book back in its place.

“Do you like the Disney version?” She asked him, the red in her cheeks had completely disappeared and there were no hints of anger in her voice. It surprised Adam a little bit, normally in high school when he corrected someone they would tell him to toss off or jog on.

“Disney version is actually much more exciting than the book.” Adam told her casually, they were still speaking quietly and Adam wanted nothing more to do than to scream and play extremely loud rock music. However, he knew that there was something about this bookshop that told him that he needed to be quiet, if not for the owner then for the books as if they were sleeping children. The silence was nice, not a bored silence or a forced silence, but a comfortable one.

Looking behind him the snowflakes had stopped falling, a thin blanket of snow now covered the street; parts of it were black and dirty while other parts were pristine white. Adam knew that soon enough the rain and hail will start falling and the snow will wash away in the drains, the weather was weird nowadays, not at all like it was when he was still in primary school. The happiness and relative comfort that he had built by being in the bookshop suddenly turned cold, he would have to leave soon because now he had no reason to stay, Jazmyne still thought that he had somewhere to go and that was an obvious lie.

“So why are you going away?” Jazmyne asked as she walked passed Adam and went to the wooden counter again. Adam followed and instead sat at the red sofa chair again, the warmth of the heater immediately blowing around his body.

“Ummm… my parents kicked me out and I just… I just need a change, but it’s fucking hard since I only have ten pounds in my pocket…” Adam felt the heaviness of embarrassment and shame, sure his story was vague and he left important details out of it but the crux of his story was true; he was homeless with only ten quid. He looked at Jazmyne as she stared at him, a strange look on her face, there was a mixture of pity and sadness but there was almost a quizzical look about her, as if she could straight through him.

“Well, if you want a place to stay I have an extra room in my apartment, although you would have to find a job quickly, to help pay the bills and such.” Jazmyne explained as she went to door, flipped the open and close sign and locked the door. 

The End

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