Karma or LuckMature

Leaving the television on Adam got up, grabbed his suitcases from the wardrobe and threw everything that he had taken into them. The television did nothing to alleviate the incredible silence and loneliness that was hanging in the room, Adam was packing in a silent room with only a television telling how much the world hated him right now to keep him company. He was consciously aware of the ten pound note in the pocket of his jeans, he could hear it crinkle as if it were laughing at him, he wanted to rip it to teach it a lesson, but he knew that would indeed by a huge fuckup and Adam could not afford a fuckup anymore.

Finally, after half an hour of packing, Adam was finally done and was now trying to lug three suitcases into the elevator. He knew that if he left now he could probably get a refund from the hotel for only staying the one night of the two that he paid for, he could probably buy another pack of cigarettes and maybe a bottle of Jacks if he wanted to.

No – what the fuck was he thinking?

Buying more cigarettes?

Buying alcohol?

He was in this whole mess because he wasted his money on fucking worthless things like that.

Stepping out of the elevator Adam walked to the front lobby, a woman with blonde hair tied in a bun and a serious look on her face stood behind the desk, a large smile on her face as Adam stood in front of her. He stood there looking at her for a while; he had never tried to ask for a refund on anything before and he could feel the lump of embarrassment choking his throat.

“Is there anything I can help you with, sir?” The woman looked at Adam in a strange way, as if she were looking at some homeless man trying to get into a luxury hotel. At least that was what Adam felt as he watched her watching him.

“Ummm… I only want to stay one night. Could I please get a refund for the night that I won’t be staying here?”  Adam asked her quietly, he knew she would not be able to see the way his leg shook and how hard his fingers pressed against each other as he wished with everything he had that he could have that refund.

“I’m sorry sir, but we don’t give out refunds.” The woman told him politely, Adam could feel his heart and stomach sink immediately, he wanted to throw up or at least punch something, but neither would be cool for this hotel.

Smiling and nodding Adam gave the woman his key, picked up his luggage and walked out of the hotel. Immediately the ambush of reporters and cameras were laying into him as if he were a convicted criminal, ridiculous questions were pouring out of the reporters mouths and each camera was trying desperately to get his attention. Adam knew what they were trying to do; he had seen this happen to so many celebrities, Bjork, Russel Crowe, Elton John, Mel Gibson, Sean Penn, Naomi Campbell and a couple of others. Seeing a celebrity chucking a violent tantrum was huge money for the paparazzi.

Keeping his head away from the camera Adam tried to walk away from them, but they crowded around him and it was hard for him to walk away. He was trapped in the ring of flashing cameras and stupid questions; they would never leave him alone until he gave them what they wanted. Adam on the other hand was never one to actually hit anyone, he had done it once to a guy who continued to bully and push him around and it hit his hand like hell. Punching someone is not as cool as it looks. So instead Adam just smiled at the camera and pulled the finger at them hoping that being a cheeky asshole would be satisfactory enough.  However, instead they pounded him with more crap and more camera flashes, wanting him to actually throw a punch at least one of them. But Adam was not going to risk assault charges just for them.

Moving quickly through them Adam finally broke away from the crowd and was now walking on the street with more speed. This was the reason as to why he wanted to get away from it, from this, he knew that this was going to happen, he knew he should have left as soon as he heard the news, he should never had dawdled in the stupid elevator.

Suddenly as if by some universe, Karma, luck thing the sky started to rumble and the clouds began to pour with rain. Adam hardly looked up at the sky anymore and as it usual it was filled with dark billowing grey clouds, however, right then and there he wanted to kiss them, the paparazzi disappeared and Adam was left by himself again. He liked it better that way. However, the luck ran out as the rain and wind started to become extremely cold, freezing almost, as if it was going to be the middle of winter or something. Adam shivered uncontrollably and looked for the nearest place that would be open. He looked around and then, almost as if it appeared out of nowhere Adam caught sight of a bookshop, the open sign inviting him seductively. 

The End

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