Overnight DouchebagMature

Adam woke up slowly from his death-like sleep, his body felt heavy and his head felt as if it was stuffed with cotton buds. He looked around at his surroundings and was pleased to know that he had made it back to the hotel in one piece; smiling, rather proud of himself Adam pulled off his clothes and staggered to the bathroom. The hot shower woke him up from his sleep induced stupor immediately and as he washed he tried to remember what had happened last night, the only thing he could remember clearly was taking six shots of vodka as fast as he could and Adam smiled as he remembered beating Chris at it. However, after that the night was completely lost in the sea of alcohol, music and pills, he knew there were pills involved last night, otherwise he would have remembered more.

Finishing the shower and putting on a pair of jeans and a white shirt Adam was left wondering how much money he had left, he knew that after the cigarettes and the hotel room he probably had around two hundred and thirty-two pounds left, just enough to allow him to buy another carton of cigarettes and perhaps a couple of Pacman pills. However, there was a part of his mind that worried, he had no idea if he had spent the money last night and he knew the only way to be certain was to check the room for the money. Checking through the pocket of the jeans that he had worn last night Adam wrapped his fingers around something and pulled it out, his heart sank as he looked at it, it was dismal and the lump that had appeared when he was worrying was now surfacing to the back of his throat. The ten pound note stared at him depressingly, even though it was money and even though it usually cheered him up when he saw money, Adam slowly sank in depression and regret. The ten pound note was lifeless in his hand; it showed him no compassion and the only thing it seemed to do was remind him that this was the only money he had left.

Shoving the money in his pocket in anger Adam looked around his room for something to distract him, as he threw articles of clothing and rubbish to one side Adam finally saw the reason as to where all of his money went. He looked at the assortment of pills and powders that were lying on the ground wrapped in their protective plastic coverings, two hundred and twenty-four pounds went down the drain because of these, because he wanted to get wasted and because he thought he had the money to spend. Rage and self-loathing burst out of Adam as he screamed and kicked at the drugs, making them fly towards the bathroom, he pulled at his hair as he sat down on the bed and he could not help but let the tears fall freely now. All of this was his fault, the reason he had no more money was his fault.

It took around an hour before the tears stopped and until finally Adam was released by the overwhelming sense of sadness, frustration, anger and self-loathing that came when he realised that he was in complete and utter shit.

Looking around the room again he finally found the remote to the television and turned it on. As he switched through the channels, searching for something in the tiniest bit interesting, Adam saw something on Entertainment Tonight. He usually never watched this show, it was usually crap, he could not help the curiosity that surrounded him as he looked at himself on the screen; it was him at the nightclub, the photos depicting someone who was clearly confident and cool at whatever they were doing.

“Everyone’s favourite IT Boy, Adam Bright, was seen last night entering the lucrative nightclub 87. However, captured by a video camera at three in the morning, the paparazzi finally saw Adam Bright’s true colours. Let’s take a look at it now.” Adam watched with fearful anticipation as he waited for the video to play on screen.

“Hey, I'm a fucking saint. I'm like the better looking version of jesus, all the bitches love fucking saints and jeebus! Celebrities are better people, everyone knows that.”  The clearly intoxicated Adam Bright shouted at the camera man, he laughed loudly with his friends and walked off drunkenly down the street.’

“Already people are outraged at Adam Bright, even as far as creating new Facebook groups such as “We hate Adam Bright.” And “Can this pea get more fans than Adam Bright?” which has already garnered one million fans. Well, ladies and gentlemen, it looks like Adam Bright is no longer everyone’s favourite IT Boy.”

At that Adam switched off the television, stunned, for being such a prick on camera, sure it was funny, but obviously some people had a hard time getting jokes. Adam knew what this meant now, he knew it but he did not want to believe it, his fame was the only thing he had and now that too had irreversibly went down the gutter.

He had to get away from everything, he had to go if he wanted to escape the inevitable media and public humiliation he was going to receive when people realised where he was staying.

He had to get away and he had to escape.      

The End

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