It took Adam almost half an hour before he started to walk to the elevator to go to the fourteenth floor, he could feel his face getting hot from the tears that started to threaten him and as he tried to take the three suitcases on the elevator he quickly got angry and just ended up kicking them in. He wanted to scream or at least punch a wall, he wanted to release the rage that was bubbling inside him so he could feel a little bit better, but he knew that the hotel bill for repairs would not help his money problem. He laughed quietly at that phrase ‘money problem’ he never had problems with anything, albeit, drug ones, but nothing as serious as a money problem, only poor people had money problems, people who were too lazy to get a job or who were too stupid had money problems. Not him, not Adam Bright.

The elevator door opened at the fourteenth floor and Adam carelessly pulled the suitcases along with him, he probably made a lot of noise but he hardly cared now, all he wanted was some sleep and probably a little meth to help that happen. Shoving the key in the door and unhappily walking inside Adam dropped his suitcases and threw himself on the double bed. He stared at the ceiling trying to get some sleep, but after an hour Adam was still staring at the ceiling instead of the inside of his eyelids, he groaned angrily as he rolled off the bed and into the bathroom. Turning on the shower and taking his clothes off Adam avoided looking in the mirror, he knew he looked horrible, he probably had the ‘red rings’ under his eyes from taking ecstasy earlier that day and his morning stubble had probably gotten rougher by five. He probably looked like a poor ice addict. Stepping into the shower Adam finally breathed a sigh of relief; he wanted the shower to wash away all his worries, but instead the stickiness of sweat and dirt were cleaned off him. It made him feel a little more positive about his situation now that he felt clean, new again and less seedy.

Getting out of the shower and drying himself off Adam wiped away the fog from the mirror and looked in the mirror, he really did look like a poor ice addict; the red rings were brighter than he expected and Adam could see how gaunt his face had become over the years. He hardly even noticed it. Frowning Adam walked into the bedroom and got changed into his usual jeans and grey button up shirt, grabbed key and the rest of his money, walked out of the hotel bedroom and went back to the entrance of the hotel. The girl had disappeared somewhere and Adam was left to keep his key in the pocket of his jeans. Outside of the hotel the wind had picked up a little and had gotten a little bit colder, stuffing his hands in his jeans Adam walked down the street towards what he knew would be the usual spot where his dealers would be. Adam walked for nearly ten minutes before he saw the nightclub he was at last night, the line was huge and Adam smiled widely, even though he was no longer rich he was still famous and that meant easier access to all the best nightclubs. Walking past the line Adam could feel the familiar flash of self-satisfaction as a camera caught him, then as if it were a sign the paparazzi finally noticed him and called out his name, all of them wanted a piece of Adam and he was willing to give every single piece to them.

“Adam look this way, come on Adam.” They all shouted, each of them trying to get his attention, smoothly as if he was James Dean, Adam pulled on his sunglasses that dangled from his shirt, looked at them as he took out a cigarette, lit it up and oh so coolly smiled at them and gave them a quick wave before easily going inside the nightclub.

He felt at home as the beat of the music thumped against his chest, he smiled as he walked over to his usual spot, the corner of the top floor, where his friends were all sitting around the fish tank table, smoked and laughed at each other’s drunken stories.  

“Hey guys, its Adam!” Shouted Chris Winterborn, whom for a second, lifted his aviators to look at Adam before smiling widely and bringing a fag to his lips. Turning around Adam’s other friends –mostly from high school – greeted him with the same enthusiasm.

Smiling happily Adam sat down next to Chris, who gave him a shot of absinthe and lifted his own. It was a tradition dating back to Adam’s seventeenth birthday; Chris had tricked Adam into taking a shot of absinthe with him without the help of any sugar, now their first drink together would always be absinthe. Tapping each other’s shot glasses together Adam downed the absinthe with some ease, the green liquid burned the side of his mouth and after a few moments the familiar burn crawled from his throat. Absinthe was horrible tasting, but it got everyone drunk quickly, that was why Adam loved it. Adam laughed loudly as he listened to his friends drunken stories, he especially liked Justin’s story of how he and Adam and a couple of other friends raced each other with shopping trollies. Adam remembered getting a huge scratch on his ribs from the road. After a few minutes Chris stood on the sofa bench, his arms stretched and he looked up at the ceiling as if he were doing an impersonation of the famous Michael Jackson. 

“It is time for… Jaeger- bombs!” He declared loudly to the group, who cheered loudly before yelling at the waiter to get them a round of jaeger-bombs. After a few minutes the jaeger bombs arrived and everyone passed each other one, so that the group of seven each had a glass.

“One…. Two… Three!” Adam shouted and on three downed his jaeger bomb, slamming the empty glass on the fish tank table and raising his hands in victory. He watched his friends as they all slammed their cups one after the other.

They all booed at him jokingly, accusing him of superhero powers and pretending to work out his secret weakness, to which Adam replied “My only weakness is being near losers!” his friends laughed and clapped loudly before someone shouted “That means you Justin.” And the whole table filled with roars of laughter.

Happiness enveloped Adam as he watched and participated with his friends as they pulled pranks, drank, flirted and eventually - as their table began to overlap with glasses once full of alcohol – bought drugs. To which the rest of the night was forgotten to Adam in the morning.

The End

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