Walking awkwardly with three suitcases at night time in the middle of London is frightening, usually when Adam wanted to go to London he would take a couple of pills to get him in that party mood, but as he looked through his cigarette tin Adam found nothing except three cigarettes. He sighed in frustration as he shoved the metal tin back in the pocket of his coat, he had no drugs and he was on his last three cigarettes, Adam wondered if he would have enough money to stay at a hotel after he bought a carton and a couple of Pacman pills. Almost subconsciously Adam immediately walked in to a deli where an old woman was looking through her magazine with extreme interest as a pen dangled from her mouth; he coughed quietly, forcing her to look up at him.

“I’ll have the Camel Rare.” Adam told her quickly, nodding to the wall filled with cartons of cigarettes, sighing rather loudly the old woman turned around, grabbed the carton and threw them lazily on the counter.

“Thirty-five quid.” She told him in a monotone voice, her thick cockney accent taking Adam by surprise for just a moment before he gave her the cash and she gave him his change.

Walking out of the deli Adam immediately took out a cigarette and a match – he bought a box of matches before he left – and quickly lit it up. His whole body relaxed as he took each drag, however, the worries that plagued him still burrowed deeply in his mind and as he blew out the milky white smoke it somehow reminded Adam that this box of cigarettes would probably be his last. Now, as he walked towards the nearest hotel he knew, Adam appreciated each drag that he took; he made himself remember the warmth that coursed through his chest, the rich full smell and how it made him just a little bit happier. After five long minutes Adam arrived at the hotel, stamping out the near-finished cigarette Adam walked into the hotel; it was beautiful with marble walls and floors, a chandelier on the ceiling and a few bell hops that waited patiently for any late visitors.

“Welcome to the Langham Hotel, how may I help you?” The woman asked politely, she was young and beautiful, her blonde hair was tied in a loose bun, her large brown eyes were framed by glasses and her button up shirt showed just a little of her pink and black lace bra.

“Luxury Double, two nights, Adam Bright and I’ll pay in advance.” Adam told her quietly, forcing himself to tear his eyes away from her breasts and actually look at her face. She smiled and blushed cutely as she typed the information into the computer.

“That comes to seven hundred and forty-two pounds please, Mr Bright. “ She informed him and Adam quickly gave her the money.

“Are you the Adam Bright?” She asked him as she leaned her body over the counter, now Adam could see straight down her top, she was probably are large c cup or something.

“Umm, yeah that’s me.” Adam tod her quietly, he had no idea why he hesitated to tell her, was he even a Bright anymore? His parents did cut him off his inheritance; did that mean he was no longer their son? Sickness rolled over Adam again, his stomach churned uncomfortably and he broke out in a sweat as he thought about the money, the last box of cigarettes and how badly he wanted some meth right now.

“I saw your picture once in a magazine somewhere; you were shirtless at the beach in California.” She told him, her voice going into one of those lower, sultry kinds of tones. Adam remembered that day; he was out with a lingerie model, Cassie, or something. They had fun. “I must say that I rather enjoy sexy and powerful men.” She commented as she let her finger play at the button that would expose her bra.

God, she wanted it bad.

“Thanks. Do people come here often at this time of night?” Adam asked her casually, he wanted her too; he could fee his heart racing inside his chest and his body itched at the prospect of getting an easy one tonight.

An easy one. Taking a step back Adam looked at the girl who was unashamedly flirting with him, at first glance the girl looked beautiful, but as he looked closer at her and remembered the remarks she made to him; especially the ‘I love sexy and powerful men’ comment. Adam finally realised what was wrong with her. She was a slurry, she probably had sex with most of the single and married men in the hotel and now she wanted to pounce on him. Ugh, she probably has herpes or something.

“Are you ok Adam?” The woman asked in an unusual girlish voice, Adam held back the repulsion he now felt towards her, even though she was a slut and even though she might be herpes infested he did not want to insult her by making a face that said that she disgusted him.

“Yeah, fine. Can I have my room key?” Adam asked as he held out his hand for the key whilst mentally slapping himself for letting his voice sound like he was going through puberty again. He watched as the girl frowned at him in surprise and then moved to get the key, making her butt stick out as she grabbed the key from one of the higher hooks. Now she was just trying too hard. Giving Adam the ‘once over’ the girl handed him the room key and immediately Adam snatched it and made his way towards the elevator.

“Want me to come in ten minutes?” she called out after him; Adam shivered at the innuendo and shook his head at her, he could see the surprise on her face as she realised that Adam Bright, of all people, rejected her.

Hurriedly, before the girl could scream at him, Adam launched himself into the elevator and quickly pressed the twenty-eight floor. Lighting up another cigarette Adam watched as the arrow slowly climbed through the different floors, he listened as the happy-go-lucky elevator music at least filled with silence that seemed to suffocate anything positive around Adam. Not that there anything was positive surrounding his situation. Finally the elevator beeped happily and quickly Adam walked to the single door that led to his hotel room, with a ghost of a smile on his face Adam shoved the key into the door and… that was it, frowning Adam tried turning the key again, nothing, slowly Adam looked at the wooden carved tag that told him the room number, four hundred and forty-eight. Almost reluctantly Adam looked at the room number on the door and realised that he was on the top floor, the penthouse suite, room four hundred and forty-eight was on the fourteenth floor, that was fourteen floors less than where he usually stayed in. 

The End

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