Wandering AimlesslyMature

The ride back to his apartment was slow and uncomfortably silent; the whole journey was spent looking outside as they passed a perfectly sunny day – thanks to global warming London got better weather – and listening to a mixed CD that Paul had made. Most of the songs featured country and folk music. On arrival to the apartment Adam watched as his two maids and occasional chef said their goodbyes to his parents and went off with a smile on their faces, they could at least look sad, thought Adam as he got out of the limo and murmured a goodbye to Paul.

Walking into his apartment – or rather his parent’s apartment – Adam felt incredibly isolated and out of place, he knew that his parents were going to rent it out as a honeymoon suite and Adam knew that it would be wrong of him to call it ‘home’ any longer. Adam watched his parents as they walked to the lounge and sat on the plush sofa, waiting for him to pack and leave as if they were excited about kicking their only son out on to the streets with nothing. Anger bubbled inside of Adam as he walked up the stairs and into his room; it was hard for him to understand why his parents were doing this to him and why they felt the need to kick him out, he had been good to them most of the time, he never did anything that could ruin his parents and he never did anything dangerous enough to put his life on the line. So why the hell were they doing this?

As each question arose with a reason as why his parents were kicking him out Adam got angrier and angrier, throwing his clothes, shoes and personal belongings into three suitcases; two for his wardrobe (which he  had to give up on some clothes and shoes to make room for) and one for his personal belongings. He hated this, he loathed it and he promised himself that he was never going to speak to his parents ever again.

Grabbing his suitcases awkwardly Adam walked downstairs to the lounge - he wanted his one thousand dollars before he was going – and looked at his parents as they smiled sheepishly at him. It was an awkward scene for both parties, Adam promised himself he was never going to speak to them and his parents wanted to say goodbye. This situation left both Adam Bright and his parents in a state of silence that was awkward and overwhelmingly filled with anger, angst and unsaid words.

Finally Charles Bright slowly walked up to Adam and handed him a roll of one thousand pounds, it felt light in and inadequate in his hands and as he thought about how this was the only money he was going to get Adam Bright’s world started spin in front of him. He felt sick, his head felt light and his stomach churned awkwardly as he looked at the tiny roll of money, no one could survive on this in one day. How was he going to go out? How was he going to buy cigarettes? How was he going to buy drugs? How was he going to buy clothes? Closing his eyes for a few moments the sudden wave of sickness passed and Adam was left with emptiness inside of him, he looked at the tiny roll of money again and wondered how he was going to survive with only one thousand pounds.

With a deep breath and without a word – just a quick nod to his parents – Adam walked outside. But that was it. He had nowhere to go and he had no idea where a hotel was that would keep him for less than a thousand pounds to stay. God forbid he was ever going to stay at an inn. Looking up at the starlit sky Adam dug into his jacket pocket and grabbed his phone, looking at the time it told him that it was half ten. Looking through his contacts on his phone whilst walking down the street aimlessly Adam decided to call his friends, at least one of them would let him be a roommate with them. He was fun and they liked him.

“Hey Jack… it’s Adam…Adam Bright… yeah, yeah I’m good. You? Ha. Yeah, well that’s what vodka does to you…. Yeah I was calling to ask if you needed a roommate… Oh, come now we’ve had heaps of fun together; remember New Year’s when we took on those Asian twins? Yeah, it’ll be a riot… Oh, ok then, well I’ll see you some other time then. Nah man its fine. Ok, bye.”

Sighing Adam disconnected the call and searched through his contacts again.

“Hey Laura… it’s Adam.” Immediately the phone disconnected and in that instant Adam remembered where he had met her and why he probably deserved the rudeness. He had slept with her and left before she woke up.

Again Adam searched through his contacts.

“Hi Julia… Yeah it’s me… I’m good, you? That’s cool. Hey do you need a roommate? Really? Oh, ok well I hope you two are happy. Bye.” Adam hung up and sighed; Julia was getting married in Italy in a couple of weeks and would be out of the country for several months. She was moving out.

I owe you one.

Smiling Adam remembered Fiona; she had to do him a favour and what better to way fulfil that favour than to accept him as a roommate. She had to.

Hi, sorry I can’t take your call but I’ll be in America for several months. If you want to call me, please call my agent and I’ll get right back to you ASAP. Bye!” Adam slammed his thumb on the ‘end call’ button; he had nowhere to go and no one wanted or could not let him stay at their apartment.

How come Jack failed to ask him to come to the party?

When did Julia get engaged?

And why was Fiona in America?

No one told him anything and no one wanted him to at least stay the night.

The End

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