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Adam held his head as every noise that entered his ears pounded against it, his hands shook slightly from the aftereffects of the Pacman pills as he drank a glass of cold water and as he moved he felt a strange sense of heaviness hanging on his limbs. He regretted taking them, he knew that taking the ecstasy pills was a big waste of time anyway; he had to wait one hour of the two hours to get the pills to affect him and even then the affects were less than spectacular. A large lump settled at the bottom of his throat as he looked at the familiar lounge room in his parent’s penthouse; the white sterile walls, the white tiled floor, the various pieces of artwork and the black leather sofa’s  that were separated by a mahogany and jarrah coffee table. Adam swallowed a bit of water uncomfortably, he could feel the eyes of his parents and close relatives bore down on him as if he were a common criminal, in a way Adam knew that he was; he did ‘gate-crash’ his parents anniversary.

“Sorry.” Adam mumbled, trying to make as little noise as possible, he did not want to add any more noise that what was already happening outside. Stupid bird. 

“Is ‘sorry’ the only thing you can say?” His mother hissed Adam knew she was angry, but something in the back of his mind told him that he pushed far too many buttons this time. He looked at her as she clenched her fist around the white and black napkin, her red lips turning into a thin line, her dark green eyes burned with fury and her platinum blonde hair became messier by the second as she ran her hand through it.

“Adam, it’s just that you say sorry all the time. The word has lost all meaning to you. I mean, you say sorry and then you go off somewhere and do the exact same thing. You never listen to us and then when we try to help you just refuse and go about doing what you were doing. We even take you to rehab and you still don’t change.” 

His father spoke quietly and almost calmly, but Adam tuned in and out of the speech, his head pounded with every syllable that his father spoke so that the only pointers Adam got from the one-sided conversation was something to do about ‘meanings’, ‘refusals’ and ‘changes.’ From all of that Adam could guess it had something to do with a current project that his father had for the airline.

“Ok.”  Adam nodded slowly, he wanted to go to sleep off the Pacman hangover, but something about his relatives watching him with a clear hatred towards him was enough to keep him there. He did not want to be standing with his back towards them, there were some who desperately wanted his family fortune.

“Ok? Did you even listen to what we we’re saying?” His mother argued her voice turning into a screech by the end of the sentence. Adam cringed at her voice, although his mother may look beautiful and sweet on the outside, she was an old woman who liked to complain about everything.

“Yeah, I heard you.” Adam told her firmly, he could feel his heart beating faster as his anger and frustration grew at his parents, particularly his mother. He was tired and he just wanted to go to sleep, he was sick and tired of his parents ranting on about what the value of money was to him.

“Adam, you’re mother and I have decided to cut you out of the inheritance.” There was a gasp in the room and suddenly everything became very still and the air became thick with tension. Adam stared at the floor for what seemed like an eternity, he was letting the sentence sink in, he could feel his relatives look at him, waiting for his response.

Finally, he looked up at his parents, their faces were sad and tired reflecting perfectly to what Adam felt inside and in that moment the magnitude of his situation revealed itself to him. They were cutting him off from everything; the apartment and the money.

“Does that mean I have to stay with you?” Some of the older relatives snickered quietly as Adam asked the question; he closed his eyes, trying to forget the absurdity of the situation. However, as his father failed to reply Adam looked up, he could see the answer in his father’s sad brown eyes, they told him everything that Adam was no longer going to be privy to. When his father said ‘inheritance’ it meant that the apartment, the money and everything that was owned by his parents was no longer his.

“What about the money, where would I stay?” He could feel himself going into a panic. This was the end of the world for him.

“That’s up to you, but we’re giving you a thousand dollars. After that you’re on your own.” Adam stared at them stunned by the amount of money his parents were giving him. A thousand dollars would never buy him a coat from Burberry! Not even a decent pair of jeans from Calvin Klein!

“You can’t do this to me!” Adam shouted, finally getting to his feet. It was ridiculous, the whole situation was absurd and silly, his parents had to be kidding; he was their only son. If he died by some maniac in the back streets of London then their whole inheritance would go down the toilet, or if he died by homelessness and starvation they would indeed blame themselves.

“The world isn’t going to end.” His father exclaimed thoughtfully, but Adam knew that was a gross lie, he will never have a life again if he only has a thousand dollars on him.

What were his parents thinking? 

The End

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