A Cure For BoredomMature

Adam took no notice of the glass dome, or the perfectly shaped green hedges on the outskirts of the land or even the beautiful architecture. Adam had seen this all before, he was immune now and hardly took notice of the beauty of the mansion, so instead he pushed through the double French doors and made his way to the maîtres ’d. The man stood with an air of self-importance, his back straight and yet there was a tiredness in his eyes, the maître‘d of Syon Park had been doing this for far too long.

“Adam Bright.” Adam simply declared to the maitre’d and without a moment hesitation started to flip through the guest book. It took longer than Adam had expected, usually he would be able to get in anywhere with just saying his name, all of London’s greatest parties were open to him by two simple words.

“I am sorry sir, but your name doesn’t seem to be on the guest list. Are you sure the function is today?” The man asked with infuriating politeness, Adam couldn’t believe what he was hearing, there had to be some sort of mistake.

“Is the Bright Anniversary in that room?” Adam asked, pointing to the large wooden doors behind the maitre’d, his voice dripped with a condescending tone, he hated idiots who didn’t understand who they were talking to.

“Yes sir, but your name isn’t on the list.” The maitre’d continued to smile, it was unwavering and now the only thing that Adam wanted to do was punch the bastard in the face.

“Look, I’m Adam Bright, my parents are in there. So if you want to keep your job you’ll let me through and we can forget about your embarrassing mistake.” Adam smiled at the maitre’d, keeping his voice low and threatening. But the maitre’d instead just smiled, unwavering and now just a little smug.

“I’m sorry sir but you’re not on the list, now if you will please vacate the premise.” The maitre’d replied politely before looking down again at the guest list and therefore pointedly ignoring Adam.

Sighing loudly and rolling his eyes Adam walked back outside and sat on the near white stone steps. He was confused, obviously about his name not being on the guest list, there had to be some sort of mistake, his parents would never have their anniversary without him and if they did perhaps they thought he wasn’t coming to their anniversary party. Adam groaned loudly as he rubbed his eyes and temples furiously, he was getting a headache now due to lack of sleep and because of the sun which had now decided to beat him down with heat.

After what felt like an hour – which was only 10 minutes – of waiting, boredom seeped into Adam, his hands twitched for something to do and he shifted uncomfortably on his improvised seat. Instinctively, Adam took out his metal compartment box where he kept his cigarettes and in a hidden pocket, where he kept the last Pacman pill. He had been saving this pill for somewhere special, like a nightclub with a cool light show or a new girl that he hadn’t had forgettable sex with yet, but the boredom was almost killing him and Adam needed something to do to kill the time before the anniversary finished and when he could explain to his parents why he wasn’t at their party.

Swallowing the pill dry, which Adam had always hated doing; he waited for the effects of the Pacman to take over. But he knew that it would probably take an hour for Pacman to work, he wasn’t new to the drug, his body had it more than once and was now a little immune to the effects, but still Adam waited until finally the world became sharper and wearing the largest grin on his face he walked back into the mansion and through the doors to his parents anniversary.

Adam felt good as the world looked upon him. 

The End

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