Parties, Drugs and a HackneyMature

The sweat glided down his face as Adam Bright stepped out of the hot and sticky nightclub, the cold air was hugging him gently as he tried to cool off. He looked at the girl next to him, her dark red dyed and straitened hair was now messy from dancing, the makeup on her face ran and her skin tight dress was now threatening to show just a little too much cleavage. She was holding onto him as she tried to keep her balance, her high heels wobbling dangerously as she tried to walk and her bottle of cruiser black was now spilling on to the pavement. Adam laughed as he watched her try to walk, it embarrassed him a little to watch her walk drunkenly because it gave the paparazzi something negative to talk about if he hung out with girls who, for the life of them, cannot hold their liquor. But any press was good press and any press that showed him walking with actress Fiona O’Malley then it would be very, very good press.

He watched as car after car passed by slowly, the light of the city reflecting on their windshields and water spraying on the pavement before them as the cars drove over puddles. Finally after what seemed like forever a hackney came into view, holding his hand outstretched towards the road the black and very British cab pulled itself beside them and with some difficulty Adam and Fiona managed to sit comfortably in the car.

“So, where to tonight?” The driver – as with all drivers nowadays – was Indian; however, the well-tuned and perfect British accent told Adam that he had probably lived here his whole entire life. But whatever, Adam just wanted to go home and have passionate and forgetful sex with Fiona.

Telling the driver his address is no easy feat, every time Adam told him the address the driver would tell him to say it again and again and again. It was as if the driver was deaf or something and by the time the driver finally understood what Adam was saying Fiona O’Malley had passed out.

They drove through the streets towards his apartment, being the gentleman that Adam was he decided to let her sleep through the trip; her snores filled the silent cab earning a chuckle from the driver. Adam looked at her as the cab twisted through the winding streets, without the makeup, big boobs and dyed red hair she would look extraordinarily ordinary, she was pretty but nothing outstanding. Fiona was easily one of those girls that you could have sex with and leave in the morning without feeling guilty, Adam had been friends with her for a few months and in those months she had been passed around his group of friends like a bong to hippies. However, tonight Adam was not going to have sex with her, sure he liked having sex but he was hardly going rape a girl for it. That stuff was not cool.

The cab pulled up at the apartment, a light drizzle of rain falling to the ground as Adam paid the driver and carried Fiona to the apartment. He knew it was dangerous to carry someone whilst being incredibly intoxicated, but somehow the responsibilities of taking care of someone sobered him up enough so he could open the door and lay her down on the couch safely and without waking her up. Quietly, Adam pulled out a blanket from the linen closet and laid it on the sleeping actress; she moved slowly pulling the blanket closer to her neck, snoring whilst doing it. Chuckling quietly Adam climbed up the stairs and into his room, careful not to step on any cans or bottles Adam walked to his unmade bed, the plush mattress bouncing as he threw himself on it. Yawning loudly he took off his Italian leather shoes and threw them into the walk in wardrobe, surveying the mess in his room Adam wondered why the maids were taking so long to clean his room, sure he created the mess but he paid people to clean it for him. He was paying good money for services like that. Shaking his head at the bad work ethic of the maids Adam moved under the blankets, he could feel the warmth of them covering his entire body, protecting him from the bitter cold that seemed to encapsulate London every single day.

Closing his eyes Adam tried to fall asleep, but for some reason he felt alert and suddenly awake as if his body wanted to keep on drinking and partying till the sun came up, which in fact would only be in three more hours. Sitting on the floor Adam searched for a can or a bottle that was filled with something that would get him more drunk, alas, the world was unkind to him and it seemed that he had drunken every single one of them. Getting up he looked through the drawers of his bedside table, he knew he still had some meth around somewhere from the party a week ago but he forgot if he took some after that. Looking through a drawer full of condoms Adam finally found two white pills, these were the last of his stash, before he had twenty packets of meth in green liquid form but then he had the party and all of it seemed to disappear right before his eyes. Taking the last of the meth Adam downed them dry, he usually despised taking the pills without anything to drink, but he was desperate for something to do and the one thing he wanted to do was sleep.

It took a little over fifteen minutes for the effects to take him over; the world slowed down and the lights of the city seemed to look like ribbons of multi-coloured lights every time he swayed his head side to side. His whole body felt heavy after an hour, his movements were slow and controlled as Adam began to walk steadily to his bed, to Adam methadone was the perfect drug for anyone who wanted to have a nice and uninterrupted sleep. 

The End

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