The "IT" GuyMature

Adam Bright is famous for being rich and for having friends in all the right places.

When a child turns into an adult at the age of twenty one most of them go off on their own and out to the real world. But for Adam Bright this was not the case, for Adam life meant parties, drugs, cigarettes, alcohol and beautiful models and actresses, his life was what you would expect from a boy with very, very rich parents. 

Adam Bright’s parents were Charles Bright and Georgina Bright. Charles Bright is the CEO of an airline company and Georgina Bright is the owner of one of the best hotels in the world, together they lived in one of the most luxurious hotels in London that Georgina Bright owned.

Adam lived by himself in an apartment that his mother owned in the northern part of London, he had a chauffeur to drive him, he had two maids to clean after him and he had an occasional chef to cook for him. Although Adam lived by himself he had not gone out on his own to the real world, he always had his parents close at hand and the money rolled into Adam’s bank account whenever a photo was taken of him and published in the newspaper. It was Adam’s life of parties and having relationships with the famed and beautiful that he got his money from, fashion and gossip magazines took his picture and paid him a bundle for each one, he even told some journalists where the next party was going to be for the right amount of money. It is a precarious line of work to be an IT Boy and a socialite, he was famous for being around famous people and this suited Adam just fine.

Charles Bright on the other hand hated that Adam was being paid for doing absolutely nothing, he was of course not jealous of his son – at least he had achieved something – but rather he was embarrassed by the photos and the rumours that surrounded Adam. He hated the fact that Adam took the money for granted, he knew that Adam had never worked in his whole entire life and on some nights this kept him awake until early in the morning. He loved Adam, but at times he wished that his son would know how it feels to be poor enough to live on the basics and he wished his son would know the value of money.

Adam on the other hand already knew what the value of money was to him, to him the value of money meant going out to even more parties and going out to buy clothes from designers with strange and yet catchy names. Money was the ticket to a theme park exclusive to those that cut in at the line, the people that you know and the people that they know are the people that will get you to take a ride on a rollercoaster. Adam had somehow forgotten all of this in the five years that he had been at celebrity parties and in the three years that he was in the media spotlight he had somehow deluded himself into thinking that he was a celebrity for all the right reasons.

His first ‘girlfriend’ or rather the first girl that he had slept with was Sacha Leerman, at the time Sacha was an international supermodel, having only been discovered a year earlier her career skyrocketed to extreme lengths she even appeared in two blockbuster movies. It was with her that Adam finally got noticed by the paparazzi and in a short span of six months Adam had become a socialite an IT Boy and a fashion icon for young British men.

Adam lived a life of pleasure, indulgence and whimsy. He was sheltered from life’s knocks and bruises, having no personal experience except those that were in the form of parties and intoxication Adam cared for nothing except himself. To him anything less than what he knew and expected was inferior to him and his life, the word ‘work’ felt like an abomination to human nature and to him the word was offensive, he did not want to have his hands dirty from doing work

The End

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