The It

Aliysha and Mitch are in love. But the It is trying to separate that love and send tumbling down.

She runs over field of green, feet stomping to her heartbeat.
Her legs scream in protest, desperate to collapse and rest.
She keeps going, running, escaping, not daring to look back.
She breaths heavily, wishing it could stop, make it stop...

He follows behind, watching her, reaching for her.
He needs her love, her compassion, her...
He wants to be with her, always.
He doesn't stop, not for anything.

It keeps up with them, hovering above their heads.
Majestic to the look, but horrid to the touch.
It makes the ground of a heart tremble, it is intimidating.
It stalks its prey, waiting for the right moment to strike it's deadly blow.


I jump up from my bed clutching my chest. I suck in a sharp breath and I panic. I breathe deeply and calm down. I lie back down on my bed and close my eyes. But the image is still there, of It strangling Mitch, and It coming after me...
It's too much to handle. I grab the phone and call Mitch. Come on, come on. One ring goes by... two... three...
"Hello?" answers a groggy voice. "Mitch," I gasp. I hear him shift.
"Aliysha, are you okay?"
"No, Mitch," I say, and start to sob.
"Aliysha, I'm coming over."
"Mitch, no don't-" But he hangs up. I'm worried, will It get him?


So many thoughts are going through my head. Did someone break in to Aliysha's house? Is she hurt? Is she still there? And then it dawns on me that It might be there, taking Aliysha right now...
I stomp on the gas and my car goes to 70 mph. But it doesn't seem to go fast enough.
The endless forest whizzes past me. I nervously look into it, anticipating It to come out and knock me out of the way...
I shake my head and focus on the road. The forest is ending and I can just barely see Aliysha's house from here. Her bedroom light is on. I pull into the driveway and turn off the car. I dart out and pushed the door open. Aliysha is sobbing upstairs.
"Aliysha?" I shout, and I run up the stairs.
"Mitch!" she yells and she comes out of her room. She comes up to me and hugs me. She buries her head in my shoulder and muffles her cries.
"Aliy, what's wrong," I ask, runing my hand up and down her back soothingly.
"Mitch, It-" She gasps. "-It's back. It's in my dreams!" I drop my hand and widen my eyes. Just what we need.


I cry into Mitch's shoulder, not sure whether or not to run away. I need to think. I push myself away from Mitch's comforting arms and look in his eyes. "Mitch," I sigh. Then I realize that it has to happen.
"Yeah, Aliy?" he asks, concerned.                                                                                                        I shake my head. I can't do it. I can't tell him. But I have to.                                             "Mitch, we have to split up," I tell him. I can see in his eye's that this disappoints him. He nods slowly and whispers, "I know." He looks in my eyes and smiles sadly. He hugs me again. I'm about to cry but I hold it in. He goes down the stairs and opens the door.                                                                                                                                              "Wait!" I call. He turns around slowly. "Yes?" he whispers. His voice is trembling. I run after him. I hug him one last time and whisper in ear, "I love you." I hear him stop breathing and look at his face. His smiling. "I love you, too, Aliysha," he whispers. He kisses me.



I can see them. I see them from my spot in the forest. They are definitely in love. I can tell. It's time to tear up that love. I step out from my hiding spot and reveal myself. The girl screams and points. The boy turns and pushes the girl inside. But he is only cornering her for me. He slams the door behind her and turns to face me. I laugh silently. It is only out of foolish love that he does this.                                        I get down on my hands and knees and howl. I dash towards him. He steps back hesitantly, but stands his ground. I smile and lower my head to show my horns. I ram him in the wall. He is not in pain, but he has lost the love for the girl. I knock down the door and search the house. She is not here. I look out the window and see her streaking across the field. She is desperately trying to save their love.                        But she can't.                                                                                                                                          I follow her and ram her into a tree, the same way I did to the boy.                             I circle the house and make sure the boy has lost his love, and he wasn't even there.


3 Years Later...

"Oh... Oh my gosh, I-I'm so sorry," I stutter. I just ran into a girl at the coffee shop and she spilled her coffee on the ground. She looks down. The coffee narrowly misses her shiny red shoes. "Oh, it's okay," she sighs. I leaned down and mop it up with napkins. "Here let me pay for another one," I say after I clean it up, and I hand the cashier my credit card. He hands her the same thing she had.

I finally get a good look at her. She has beautiful black hair and emerald green eyes. Her teeth seem to light up the coffee shop. "Thanks," she says and turns to leave, but stops. "Wait, haven't we met before?" she asks as she turns back around.

I shake my head. "I don't think so." She's so mesmerizing, how could I forget? 

She stares at me and shakes her head. "Oh, well, I'm Aliysha," she says and sticks out her hand. I take it and smile at her. "Mitch," I reply. She smiles back. "Nice to meet you," she says, and invites me to come with her to the Farmer's Market.

The End

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