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I wake up in a hospital bed, my eyes opening on the t.v. mounted on the wall opposite the bed. "Holy ... fuck!" I sigh, still sweating.

The t.v. movie, "Daughter of the Hills," induced the dream. In the dream I'm a prisoner in a kind of 1930s, hillbilly soap opera. The female lead. A cute and lanky, mid-to-late-teen girl. Which means I'm the latest fuck-bucket darlin' for every male with three legs in the county. Which includes my seven brothers and Uncle Willy, the one-armed woodsman with brownish-yellow teeth. It also includes Brutus, the family's 400-pound Shropshire pig who, amazingly, when reared up on his hind legs, looks just like Uncle Willy.

In the dream, a boy child is born. He has Uncle Willy's eyes, and the nose of Brutus. That's when I wake up.

I press "off" on the t.v. remote lying underneath my hand, turn my head and look out the double window. Blue sky. White clouds. A handsome, summer day.

"You're awake," Nurse Betty says, entering the room.

"Yep," I say, smiling back at her.

"Another bad dream?"

"Yeah. Another episode in the 'girl as human sex toy' story. A story I can't seem to get my head out of."

"It's just the carry-over from everything that happened," Nurse Betty replies. "The rape. The abortion. The uncontrolled bleeding. The coma."

"Seems like a lifetime ago," I say.

"The physical part is. It's in the past. Your body's moved on. It's doing great, which is why we're releasing you this afternoon."

I look back at Nurse Betty. "Cool."

"Yes, sweetheart, it is. But the mental part will take a little longer to put behind you. Which is why we're referring you to a really great guy. Dr. Book."

"A shrink?" I laugh. "Named Book?"


"What's he like?"

"You know the t.v. show "House, M.D."? Nurse Betty asks.

"Yeah. I love that show. And Hugh Laurie."

"Well, that's him. Dr. Richard Book is like 'House,' for your head."

I laugh again. "That's something to look forward to."

"That's the point," Nurse Betty adds. "Looking forward. After millions of years of evolution, our heads function like our bodies. Which means we can only go the way we're looking. Which means we can't go forward, looking back."

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The End

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