Pickled Herring on a sesame seed bun! What the f()ck is this you boys!” she said, sticking her onyx head inside the bathroom. Her eyes widened as she tried to find meaning in the bloody scene.

Coming quickly into the room, she grabbed a large towel off the towel holder. She pushed Sean out of the way; and brushing past him; used her massive hips to pop Arny from his kneeling position to an immediate skidding and sitting position on the floor!

You boys leave her alone now!  She is not a plaything for you dogs. You’re about as bright as bed shit! Get away from her!” she shouted.  Go on now!

We didn’t do nothin’ Mamma!”, Arny stammered to explain. “She’s having a baby. She’s a… a…  friend. She was,, uhmm, attacked at a party nine months ago Ma!

Sean’s lip curled and a growl escaped unintentionally through his splendidly sharp teeth. He was as surprised as his Mamma was and he showed it; knowing full well what was about to happen.

Why you little cuss! Don’t you even think you’re gonna growl at me! I’m your Mamma!” she said;  and pulling a TV changer like device from her breast pocket; pointed it directly at Sean.  

 Sean’s glass-black eyes went cold and wide. White hot fear gripped him as he immediately veered, turned, slipped and stumbled on the wet floor and then began running away as fast as he could move his huge bulk.

Mamma pressed the green C1 button, and with instantaneous panic, Sean’s collar lit the room; electrical discharges sparking around it. Amidst petrified yelps and screams and with his back arched he was brought to his knees before he even reached the front door. Finally collapsing to the floor; he lay there, whimpering. With tears streaming from his eyes and nose running, he softly begged Mamma not to do it again.

 Sean spotted his iPhone laying beside him. It had been clipped to his collar, but was now playing some kind of music that must have been activated by the electrical discharge. “I wish they had an app for that!” he muttered to himself, his eyes closing.  

 Turning now to face Arny, Mamma simply uttered one word - “Git!”  As if he was shocked himself by the word; Arny instantly leapt forward, and in one massive bound, launched himself through the bathroom doorway into the living room with his wretched brother.

 Mamma slammed the door shut, singing softly to herself: “A woman’s heart is not a play thing. It’s not a toy. If you want it broken, just give it to a boy. Boys like to play with things, to see what keeps them tickin’, and when Mamma finds out, she gives them a good lickin’!

 Come here little darlin’.” Mamma said, cradling her body gently out of the crimson stained water and into her tender arms. “Let’s get you into something clean and dry and take a look at what ails you. Them boys can be as dumb as bed shit darlin’. Don’t hold nothing against them. They’re good boys, they are. They have to be taught how to treat a woman, that’s all honey.

The End

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