The Island in a Sea of SinMature

"I drank diet coke. I read in a book that the main character didn't like beer, so he put soda in his beer bottle to look like he fit in without actually drinking beer. I decided to do the same thing. I went to a party and I drank diet coke. There were people everywhere. The couch. The chairs. The tables. The floors. Drinking, smoking, having sex. I stood in a corner and drank diet coke, hoping to find someone, anyone I knew. There was no one. I was an island in the sea of filthy sin. Then I don't remember. It got blurry and dark. The next thing i remember is that i am on the floor of a dark, musty basement naked with a strange man on me. He was touching me and I didnt like it. His hands ran over my chest and stomach with a weird little glint in his eye.  He looked considerably older than me, though that wasn't exactly  a challenge at the party. I was 14 and everyone else was 17-24. I felt his hands all over me, his dirty, drunken mouth too. Then he was inside of me. I didn't like this at all. I wanted him to stop, but I couldn't find my mouth. He wasn't being gentle or careful with me. It hurt like fuck but I couldn't get couldn't stop him. I just layed there and let it happen. Then it was over. He got off of me and went upstairs. I looked for my clothes and I found them  balled up in the corner. I put them on and went upstairs, where the people were doing the same things. I layed on the couch and sleep claimed me. I woke up the next morning in my friend's bed, thinking to myself 'i must have dreamed that' but how could I have? I remember his hands, rough and sweaty, the flavor of his tongue,he tasted like beer and cigarettes and how it felt to have him inside of me, thrusting and tearing me up from the inside out. And i went on with my life. Until now. I'm late by 19 days and i have a small bump between my hips. I think that i'm pregnant. But that's wrong because I drank diet coke, right?"

The End

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