The Island

The Start Of Connor and I's story about a strange island



Bang Bang Bang!  Went the Major’s boots as he strode down the dimly lit corridor. His destination was the room at the very end of the corridor with a door labelled with a sign reading 24b. As he reached the door he found it unlocked with a post-it note attached to the door with information on it that Mr Hutchinson was waiting for him. The Major gently pushed the door but it did not open he laughed quietly to himself as he realised that it was a door which had to be pulled to be opened. He walked quietly in and seen that a man in a grey suit was waiting behind a desk evidently this was Mr Hutchinson. “sit down” this was spoke in a casual tone as if he were saying it but the major was sure that the two words were spoken with authority, so he followed the instruction.

“Before we begin to discuss the reason you have been called here today you must realise that what we see must never leave the room,” Mr Hutchinson informed him “If however you decide that you can bend the rules you will pay the price for treason”

“You have nothing to fear, I am a man of my word.” Replied Major

“I certainly hope so,” he said with an air of accusation “Right, at 3 O’clock GMT time yesterday we received word from team one that they had found the Boat of the Documentary crew. At 5pm after searching the island they had found no survivors, but 53 minutes later a man a man covered in mud and blood and carrying a 45.Ruger pistol approached team one, he shot Private Miller in the chest, then Sergeant Johnson ordered his team to return fire. It was after he was shot five times in the left side of the chest and once in the neck that they identified the man as part of the camera crew that were filming the documentary, the family has been informed but have been told not to tell anyone else as it would cause to many questions to be asked. When the body was searched later on that day, it was uncovered that the man had a video camera with footage on it that uncovers some of the strange goings on that happened in the short time they were there. This footage is the reason you have been summoned here today.” Mr Hutchinson answered the majors unasked question.

The End

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