The Irin

Introduction to the Agkelos series.

The Irin
Story of the First Agkelos

Sandor stood there at the center of the monitoring tower, his assistants - human and android alike - coming and going, tending to all the other ongoing experiments. However, it seemed everyone in the facility was mostly focused on this particular event. The two had been functional and problem free for the past six months since their awakening, but neither had ever set eyes on each other or interacted in any way. Separate testing was now complete and the professor thought them ready to meet face to face, so he had all the preparations made - immediate to this date.

Standing at either side of the observational holding cell were two Agkelos Prototypes; each with their long hair just short of touching the floor - the colors of darkness and the moon. They were both adorned in the same white blindfolds and white ribbons that crisscrossed their bodies; so that they were not indecently exposed and could still admire each others' forms. There was silence and no movement for long tense moments as far as those in the tower were concerned, the Agkelos appearing as apathetic and uninterested in one another as a blind man with his own reflection. This was not the case however, inside the specimens' minds; the cell only able to pick up the psychic frequencies and not what they thought specifically.

‘You…you’re the other one I kept sensing?’ the boy, the moon haired one as delicate as his female counterpart was the first to attempt telepathy. And sure enough she nodded, the girl with the hair of darkness black strands spilling forward, ‘I have been wondering when I would see you.’ In unison, by instinct, they each took a step forward and this caused a stir inside the tower – everyone observing optimistic on a disaster free operation. Sandor came closer to the window and his most trusted android assistant followed suite, “Professor, psychic signals increasing. They must be communicating telepathically.” At this Sandor’s thoughtful expression lit up and he watched more intently.

‘I feel it… you are just like me. The only one…’ the female stepped even closer her arms raising, reaching out. He reached out also moving closer as they seemed to sense each other’s movements, ‘I need you.’ It was strange how their bodies met without a stumble and fit together perfectly, arms slipping around each other’s waist, slender fingers sliding over ribbons and skin and their cheeks pressing together gently. The first contact was the most important, whether it ended peacefully or violently the most major concern. The tower was buzzing with passing information, “Sir, the psychic signals have died down. Supernal energy rising!” a frantic human assistant belted from his post at a readings screen. “What?!” came from Sandor in half of a caught breath, his hands clasping the ledge of the window, no way he could take his eyes from the specimens.

Their bodies felt alive for the first time and a quiet moan came from them as their cheeks blushed. The boy uttered her name, “Suriel” and she muttered his, “Remiel” just as they closed what little space there was between them. An amazing thing happened then as wings came from their back in shining glory, hers black and his white; the ribbons all cut away. Their hands briefly came up to undo the other’s blindfold in the same motions, revealing her blue eyes and his red – a startling revelation since previously both their eyes were gray. The entire monitoring tower stood dazzled, staring at the glaring light that faded and revealed their true work – their Agkelos. “Amazing..!” Sandor was absolutely amazed and thrilled as the winged Agkelos went on holding and nuzzling each other.

There in front of him was solid proof the results of all his work – his manmade angels, the Agkelos awakened. Before this moment they were simply beings that could house and withstand the supernal, celestial energy that only his operating system could support and some androids, to a smaller extent. They were the ultimate blend of human and pure energy. They transcended past any known being, took all his theories and experiments and made them tangible living beings. “Did you get that? What did they say?” Sandor went into action, going to all the screens and scanning over the readings.

 “I believe they have just revealed their names, Sir…” said the boy in slight astonishment, “Suriel for #AGF660 and Remiel for #AGM440.” Sandor looked from the screen to the two winged figures at the center of the holding cell, “They are intelligent, yes… but I never thought them capable of independent thought and action…” for the first time in his work on the Agkelos he seemed visibly shaken. Both of the specimens turned halfway towards the tower, their eyes trained on him with blushing cheeks, appearing ashamed but innocent.

The End

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