Objective: AssassinationMature

The facade of the bulding was old and greying. Windows seperated the cold hard stone. Through these portals men and women went about their work. Invisble in the air, I watch the top most window. Inside a group of seven men gathered around a large confress table. Against the large wall a image is prjected. My boss. He smiles and I know he can see me. He wanted to watch it happen. How sickening.

I prepare myself, the headset in my ear playing the voices in the room.

"We will not bow to your companies unreasonable demands." The large man at the head of the table.

"Then we have nothin else to discuss." The cold american voice replied. The went black but I knew he was still watching. From outside I moved up to the window placing my hand flat upon the cool surface.

Without having to concentrate every man in the room burst into flames. Screams and thrashing bodies. The window melts and the raging inferno is released outside, the flames dance around me. Bodies run towards the opening and i move back as they leap out into the still air an plummet towards theire deaths.

I look down at the monstrousities i had just commited, the heat evaporating my tears.

But this is what they had made me for. I was their weapon. Their bargaining chip.

The End

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