Phone CallMature

I didn't go back to the foster home where I'd been staying, no doubt the middle aged couple that couldn't have kids had been killed. I didn't shed a tear, I didn't allow myself. Instead I flew into the outskirts of the city and walked the rest of the way shedding my school jumper and stealing a new t-shirt from a small clothing shop just outside the busy centre. My wallet was practically empty, it only wielded enough for me to grab a drink in a coffee shop. 

I had to wait until they'd thought I'd gone off the grid. For an hour I waited until I had gotten too hungry. I stood and walked swiftly out of the cafe, I move quickly through the streets keeping to busy lanes, I knew they'd probably already hacked into all the city's CCTV. I found the small apartment that I'd brought a year ago, inside clothes and all the money I'd earned was kept. I was only sixteen but for seven years I'd worked as a assassin or a solo rescue team or whatever they'd told me to do. They'd made me with advanced sciences that I'd later destroyed the plans on so that they wouldn't be able to make more.

It was selfish but I wanted to be the only one, I was the only one. They'd programmed advanced martial arts into me as I'd grown, they'd given me unparalled knowledge on everything; guns, strategies, important people.  They'd made me the best, and then I'd turned against them and now they wanted me back. 

The phone rang as I stood alone in the apartment, a sad noise. I didn't look whose name it was, it didn't matter, I knew who really was at the other end.

"You ready to talk?" a cold American voice replied like the sound of rusty gears. 

The End

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