The InvasionMature

They knew where to find me, they knew how to catch me, they forgot who I was.

Like clockwork the lights in every classroom in every building on the school grounds went out. Two black clad men charged into every classroom while seven of the best forced their way into mine. I didn't wait, any longer and I would have been dead. I dived to the left rolling on the floor and propelling myself towards the first soldier. He raised the sub-machine gun but I crashed into him first, he was thrown back against the wall splashing blood in a deadly pattern. 

The second took aim, I whipped my arm out and long tendrils of blood red fire thudded into his chest throwing him against another unexpecting soldier. The remaining four all raised their guns, unconcerned for the safety of the students behind me. I clicked my fingers and a large flame snapped into existence. 

"Freeze!" One barked, he was first, the ball smashing through his chest throwing blood against the whiteboard. The others opened fire but the bullets pinged harmlessly off the fine earth particles knitted into my skin with the strength of iron  acting like a suit of armour. I pushed my palms flat and a wall of invisible air throws them back and continued, shattering the wall behind like glass. I charged out into the brick covered hallway as other soldiers came out sending volleys of bullets in my direction. I sprinted past them parting the air in front of me and and propelling myself forward until I smashed through the doors at the end and arced up into the sky.

The End

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