A mysterious phone call

A few moments later, Agent Borowski reached the front door of the police station and walked out to the parking lot. When he got to the black sedan, he reached in his pocket and dialed a number on his cell phone while he unlocked and opened the door. “Hello, boss?” Agent Borowski said on the cell phone. “I just talked to Mister Westfield. He saw the kid this morning, while he was trying to rob the convenience store…” Meanwhile, about a hundred miles south of Washington DC, in a large mansion which was outside of the city, a short, stocky man in a three-piece suit paced around a large room while talking on the cell phone. The man was bald and wore black suits all the time. He quietly sat down on a recliner chair, before he picked up the remote and switched on the large flat screen TV which was hanging on the wall before him. “You don’t say…” Malcolm spoke in his deep, baritone voice. “This guy was trying to rob the store this morning, and Titan stopped him? He did what? He stopped his Corvette? He ate his bullets and then he fired his gun out of his hand?” Malcolm paused as he listened to Agent Borowski while he explained everything that Westfield had told him. “Hmm… This Titan-kid is acting more like Zhango-Rhe every day… It really makes me wonder… Could it be him? Alright, Agent Borowski. Thank you. Keep your eyes open for Titan and that other kid. What’s his name again? Myst! Titan and Myst! Yes, okay. Bye!” Thadius Malcolm then hung up the phone and pressed a button on the remote, allowing the channels to change until the flat screen TV was showing the local news. The news anchorwoman started describing a serious car accident, which had just happened during mid-morning. Then, it showed an interview with one of the bystanders, who explained that Titan and Myst had arrived on the scene of the accident. Titan had pulled a car out of the ditch using his super strength, and Myst had healed the driver of the car, who had suffered a concussion. They were all very thankful that the two teen heroes were there to save the day. “Those two brats… again?” Malcolm growled. “I can’t believe this… It seems like they are everywhere!” Just then, his faithful servant, Jaro, came walking out of the kitchen. Jaro was short and stocky, and he was always in a cheerful mood, in contrast to his boss, who was always grumpy. “Oh my! It’s those two kids again!” Jaro noted, as he turned to watch the news on the TV screen. “It seems like the news programs are always covering them nearly every day!” “That means we must give them something different to cover… This is getting boring!” Malcolm said, as he slammed his fist on the table next to him. “Yeah! Those kids are boring!” Jaro repeated. “Don’t worry, my unintelligent little friend…” Malcolm chuckled. “My best men are working on a huge robot. Soon, we will attack the city, and when those brats come flying to stop it, this robot will be equipped with a huge laser gun! It will fry those two brats to smithereens!” “Brilliant, boss!” Jaro laughed. “Absolutely brilliant!” “I know! It was my idea! Soon, Titan and Myst will be NO MORE! Haaaahahahahah!!!” Both Jaro and Malcolm laughed out loud, as he huddled together while they thought about their evil scheme to eliminate the two young super-heroes. Of course, Myst and Titan had no clue, that the robot was being built. They had no idea, what major battle was awaiting them, thanks to Thadius Malcolm…
The End

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