The Secret Agent at the Police Station

Then both Myst and Titan disappeared into thin air once again, only to reappear back in the bathroom at the middle school, while the lunch break was still going on. “Time to change back into my school clothes!” Jake said, as he quickly slipped back into his regular clothes, while Robby morphed back into his street clothes at the same time. Then Jake and Robby casually strolled back into the cafeteria, while they were barely able to catch the final three minutes of their lunch hour before the start of the next period. But they didn’t mind, for they were able to rescue someone in the meantime, and that made it all worthwhile. Class went normal as always, and they just took notes and took their tests and quizzes. Meanwhile, at the police station, Oscar Westfield was sitting in his holding cell. He was quietly watching TV, when a man in a black three-piece suit came walking up to the cell, as he was being escorted by a guard. The guard unlocked the steel door, and let the man in. “Mister Westfield?” the man said, as he removed his dark sunglasses. “I’m agent Borowski. I work for a special unit of the CIA. I’m here to ask you some questions…” “Questions about what?” Oscar laughed. “You want to learn how to rob convenience stores?” “No, Mister Westfield. I came to ask questions because you had an encounter with an alien or a mutant named Titan…” Oscar was startled at the sound of the strange boy’s name at first. “I don’t want to talk about that weird kid! He gave me the creeps this morning!” he said to the agent. “He ate my bullets like they were candy! What kind of kid eats bullets?” “That’s why I’m here, Mister Westfield…” Agent Borowski replied calmly. “So, tell me what else Titan has said or done, during your brief meeting with him this morning?” “Well, he stopped my car as I trying to get away! He just placed his hand on the hood of my Corvette and he just prevented me from going anywhere! I mean, what kid is that strong?” Oscar continued, clearly getting frustrated. “I didn’t stand a chance against that kid!” “Then you shot him?” the agent continued. “I got out of the car and shot the kid! The first bullet bounced off his chest! As he bent down to pick it up, I fired more. Well, he opened his mouth, and caught the other ones with his tongue! Next thing I knew, he was chewing on them, and swallowed them like he was chewing on gum or something!” Oscar explained. “What kind of kid is this?” “We don’t know, Mister Westfield. That’s my job to find out…” Agent Borowski replied. “After the cops arrested me and put me in the car, I heard that the kid went in the store and bought something, before he walked out and just flew away like a bird!” Oscar went on. “That’s what the police told me later! This kid is really, really weird…” Agent Borowski scribbled in his notepad with his pencil, as he thought about the story Oscar had told him. “So, he stopped a Corvette, he ate your bullets, and he flew away?” Agent Borowski pondered. “Very interesting…” “Oh, I forgot to mention that he blasted my gun with some heat-ray that came from his fingers!” Oscar said excitedly. He fried my gun so bad, that I had to drop it on the floor!” “Hmm… So he’s armed?” Agent Borowski wondered. “No! This was coming from the tip of his finger!” Oscar added. “He wasn’t carrying any weapons at all!” Agent Borowski just looked up and stared at Oscar with a very serious glance. “You mean this kid has his own weapon in his hands?” “Oh yeah!” Oscar replied. “He shoots laser beams from his finger tips!” “In other words, Mister Westfield… The boy doesn’t need a weapon because he is always armed… His whole body is a weapon!” “He just fired a beam from one finger! But he could have used any finger, I bet!” Oscar continued. “This kid is extremely dangerous!” Agent Borowski jotted down a few more notes, before he turned towards the robber sitting on the other side of the holding cell. “So, Mister Westfield is there anything else you can tell me about our little friend, Titan?” he asked. “No… I hope I never see the little flying brat again! He freaked me out… The little kid gives me nightmares!” “Very well… Thank you, Mister Westfield…” Agent Borowski said, as he slowly got up and summoned the guard to open the steel door to the holding cell. Once the door was opened, the agent put on his sunglasses, and walked out. The guard then slammed the sliding metal door shut, and locked it behind them.
The End

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