Myst and Titan to the rescue!

During lunch hour, Robby, Jake, Brandon, Piper and Genny had joined together around a table in the corner, along with a group of other students, where they all sat around and enjoyed their meals. Then, they heard police sirens from a distance, and they became curious. Suddenly, Jake realized that someone had left a message on the cell phone, which he had received from the Police Commissioner a few months before. Jake excused himself and walked to the restroom, where he quickly played the message. It was one of the police officers, who had requested Titan’s help, in rescuing a man from a car that was involved in a bad accident, located just a few blocks from the school! Jake closed his eyes briefly and hoped that Robby could pick up on his thoughts. “Robby…” he whispered to himself. “The police need our help. Get over here!” Meanwhile, in the cafeteria, Robby suddenly picked up on Jake’s voice. He suddenly turned towards Piper, and whispered something in her ear. “Cover for us. I gotta help Jake out. We’re going to help the police. We’ll be right back…” he said to her. Then he got up and walked over to the restroom, where Jake was waiting for him. “Dude! We gotta help! There’s been a bad accident about a block away from here!” Jake said to him. “Okay then, time to change! I got Brandon and the girls covering for us!” Both boys quickly got into the stalls and changed. Jake took his regular clothes off, revealing his red Titan uniform. He then slipped on his blue boots, and he was ready to go. Robby turned his concentration inwards and focused his thoughts on his closest “friend”, his clothes. His clothes were created from an alien techno-symbiotic organism that was linked to Robby’s conscious. So with a sheer force of will power his eyes shifted from emerald green to menacing black, and his clothes morphed from his jeans and t shirt to his royal blue costume, fully equipped with a mask. Within just a few seconds, the two ordinary students, who were known at the school as Robby McCloud and Jake Knight, had completely transformed into the teenage super-heroes named Myst and Titan. “Okay dude…” Robby ordered. “Let’s roll!” Robby then stared at Jake, and his eyes suddenly turned to black, as his mysterious teleportation powers went to work. Suddenly, both boys vanished into thin air, and they reappeared again about a mile away, and outside. In fact, they materialized standing near the curb where the accident had just taken place. One car had crossed into the wrong lane and had swerved off the road and flipped over, landing upside-down into a ditch along the side of the road. The driver of the car had probably suffered some sort of seizure, and he lost control of the car. The vehicle was now leaning on one side in the ditch, and the fire engine and the ambulance had arrived on the scene, but they couldn’t get the man out of the car. They were waiting for a crane and a tow truck to arrive, to help pull the car out of the ditch. That was where Myst and Titan came in. “Titan!” Myst ordered. “Get that car out of the ditch! The driver is still alive!” “Alright!” Titan said, as he raced over to the car in the ditch at super speed. Titan grabbed hold of the chassis of the car, which was sticking out since the car was sitting on its side, and he easily lifted the entire vehicle out of the ditch. Titan rose off the ground, hovering in mid-air, while lifting the entire vehicle in the air with him. Then he pulled the car over the side of the road, before he gently set it back down again on all four tires. This time, Myst raced over to the driver’s side of the car, and he pulled the bent door open, using his super strength. “I’ll take care of you, sir…” Myst smiled, as he placed his hand on the man’s forehead. “You suffered a concussion… But I think I can heal you…” Myst closed his eyes to survey the man’s injuries. Once he had ascertained the extent of damage that had been done to the poor driver he went to work. He focused his concentration as a faint yellow aura spread over the two of them. Myst looked up and took a deep breath as he took the pain away from the injured man. His eyes shifted to a glowing yellow to match the aura. He smiled gently at his patient as the healing process had been completed. Mean while, a small crowd of bystanders had started to gather around the car, where Titan and Myst were doing their work. The people were completely amazed by the feats of strength that Titan had displayed first of all, by lifting the car out of the ditch and by flying it over the street, and then by Myst, who was able to heal the driver. Indeed, after a few moments, the driver of the car blinked a few times, and he shook his head. He had a few broken ribs and a mild concussion, but Myst had healed him in just a few minutes! The man had gotten up and out of the car, and he embraced both Myst and Titan and thanked them for saving his life. The paramedics still decided to take the driver to the hospital for a checkup, just in case, but the people in the crowd were happy that the driver of the car was able to walk away from the accident alive and well. They were cheering for Myst and Titan, who were the big heroes of the day! “Dude…” Myst whispered to Titan “We need to go back to school!” “Okay partner… Let’s jump!” Titan replied.
The End

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