Breakfast with the parents before school

Charles had just spotted the picture on the front page of the morning paper, in the local news section. It was a photo of Titan, which was placed right above an article which described the robbery at the convenience store. “Good morning, Jake! Good morning, Madison!” Charles said. “Hi dad!” Maddie said, as he sat down at the table. “Hey, dad…” Jake said, as he walked up to his father. He spotted his photo on the cover of the newspaper. “Hey, is that my photo?” “Yes, son…” Charles said, just as he was reading the article. “How did it go this morning?” “Jake got shot at this morning, dad!” Madison piped up. “Oh my goodness!” Nancy gasped. “I can’t believe these criminals! How can they aim a gun at a child like that?” “Well, Jake obviously scared the robber, honey…” Charles said calmly. Both Jake and Charles were reading the article in the newspaper. Luckily, it took Jake just a few seconds to read through it. “Well, you definitely scared the robber, named Oscar Westfield…” Charles said. “You took four shots, you stopped his black Corvette, you swallowed the bullets, and you melted his gun! Not bad, for one night’s work!” Jake walked over to his seat, and he high-fived Madison on the way over. “Auww!” Madison cried. “Not so hard, Jake!” he cried, as he shook his hand in pain. “Sorry, little bro…” Jake said, as he sat down next to his brother and started eating his cereal. “I guess I don’t know my own strength…” The boys enjoyed their cereal when the phone rang. Nancy quickly answered it before she put it down and hung up. “Susan just called. Robby will be over soon. I guess you guys are going to walk to school together?” Nancy asked. “Yeah! I guess we’re early enough, so we got enough time to walk to school. Otherwise, we need Robby to teleport us to the school yard!” Jake explained. Suddenly, Robby appeared in the middle of the Knight’s living room, wearing his Sypher t-shirt and jeans. Robby had slightly longer hair than Jake, but his hair was red instead of light brown, like Jake’s, or long and black, like Madison’s. A black cloud of mist briefly surrounded Robby as he appeared in the room, but the cloud quickly disappeared. “Hey guys! What’s up?” Robby said to them. “Good morning, Mrs. Knight. Good morning, Dr. Knight!” “Jake and Madison are just finishing up their breakfast, Robby. I guess you guys can get on your way to school, then…” Nancy said. “I will never for the life of me, get used to that teleportation thing you do son” she added. Madison and Jake finished their breakfast before they said goodbye to their parents and took their backpacks, when they walked out the door together. Then they crossed the street and made their way towards the school, which was about three blocks away. About ten minutes later, they walked through the main entrance of the school and they spotted Genny and Piper, who were talking to some of their friends. As soon as the girls spotted Jake and Robby, they said goodbye to the other girls, and they walked towards the three boys in order to greet them. “Hey my muscle man!” Genny said, as she greeted Jake. “How’s going?” “Oh I’m fine…” Jake replied shyly. Jake was always rather quiet in school, and he didn’t talk much. “Hey Red!” Piper grinned, as she greeted Robby. She called Robby this because of his red hair. “How are you doing?” “Oh ready for another day of class, I guess…” Brandon came sprinting across the school yard to catch up with the foursome as they made their way to the entrance. Brandon had just moved to Washington DC, from Robby’s native hometown of Boston, a few short weeks ago. Brandon stood about five feet eight inches tall. Slender but toned physique. He sported a short crop of sandy brown hair and deep soul piercing brown eyes. Robby and Brandon were inseparable back in Boston, they were like brothers. In fact, Brandon was considered Robby’s older brother by most. “Hey guys, wait for me! I am not used to this place yet!” panted Brandon as he ran up to the group. The five of them strolled towards the main building where the classes were held, and they took their seats in their classroom before the first bell rang. Madison went into a different class, since he was younger.
The End

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