Jake and Madison go to sleep

After a few hours had passed, Madison was the first to wake up. He heard his alarm on his clock radio go off. He always needed to get up first, because he needed the most time to shower and to get dressed. Jake usually did everything in a matter of seconds, since he raced through his morning at super-speed. As usual, when Madison woke up, he had to scan the whole room to see where Jake was. He had gotten used to the fact that his super-hero brother had the unusual habit of flying in his sleep. Jake would slowly begin to float above his mattress as soon as he would doze off, often while he was clinging with his arms to a pillow. This morning, the situation was no different. Madison slowly climbed out of his bed and looked up at his big brother, who was peacefully hovering in the center of the bedroom, with both arms wrapped around a pillow. Jake was sound asleep, and it amazed him every time, how Jake was able to just fly around in the middle of the room, even when he was completely unconscious. On the other hand, it amused Madison, because he had discovered over the past few months that Jake seemed as light as a balloon while he was floating around in his sleep. Jake was floating about six feet about the floor. Madison just grinned, as he gently tugged on Jake’s pajama’s, and pulled him towards the corner of the room, where Jake’s bed was located. Again, it was just like pushing a balloon across the room. “Come here big bro… Over to your bed…” Madison laughed, as he pulled his floating brother over towards the opposite side of the room. Jake was floating in the horizontal position, just as if he was lying on his bed, except for the fact that he was floating six feet above the ground. “Now I gotta bring you down, Titan…” Madison laughed, with an evil grin on his face. “I’m the only guy in the whole wide world who can force Titan to come down to earth from flying in the air!” Madison gently pulled Jake down by his pajama shirt, lowering his floating brother until he was hovering just a few inches above the mattress. Then, he placed both the palms of his hands on Jake’s back, and he pressed down, until Jake lay flat down on the mattress again. “There! Titan’s back on his bed again and no longer floating around all over my room!” Madison said feeling satisfied that he put his brother back in his place. Maddie stood up and turned around, as he made his way to the dresser so that he could get his clothes before he went to take his shower. As soon as he gathered his clothing, he turned around and gasped when he noticed that Jake had begun to hover above his bed again! This time, he was floating about a foot above his mattress! “Well, bro… I guess it’s time to wake you up!” he sighed, as he walked over to Jake’s bed. Madison quietly walked over to the end of Jake’s bed. He pulled the covers and the sheets away, revealing Jake’s legs and the soles of his feet. He could see clearly how his legs and his feet were still floating a foot above the mattress. “Ahh, I’m the only guy who can wake up Titan…” he grinned, as he gently rubbed the tip of his finger over the sole of Jake’s right foot. “Hmmmm” Jake groaned, as he slowly turned his head around. “Yo, Jake! Time to wake up, bro!” Madison said, as he continued to tickle his feet. He switched and started tickling the left foot this time. Jake’s foot finally moved slightly. “Hmmm… Madison!” Jake groaned. “Cut it out!” “You were flying in your sleep again, bro!” Madison said, as he stopped tickling his brother’s feet. He realized that Jake was awake now. “I always fly in my sleep…” Jake mumbled. “I can’t help it…” “Well, I’m going to take a shower…” Madison chuckled, as he got up and wandered into the bathroom, while Jake finally woke up and sat up on his bed. After a few minutes, he stood up and made his bed, before he gathered his clothes in his dresser. Then he took his Titan uniform from his closet as well, and he patiently waited for Madison to finish in the bathroom so he could shower next. As soon as Madison got out of the bathroom, Jake went in. He showered and brushed his teeth and got dressed in less than a minute’s time! When he came out of the bathroom, he was fully dressed in his regular clothes for school, with his Titan uniform underneath. Jake and Madison then walked down the stairs to the kitchen, where their parents were waiting for them while they were sitting at the dinner table. Charles was reading the morning newspaper, while Nancy was preparing some toast and two bowls of cereal for the boys to have for breakfast.
The End

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