Titan flies home

In the meantime, Titan landed on the second floor balcony at his house on the east side of Washington. It was still very early in the morning, and everybody else in the house was still sound asleep. The young hero quickly changed out of his clothes and slipped into his pajamas, before he quietly walked into his bedroom, which he shared with his younger brother Madison. Madison was asleep on his bed in one corner of the room, while Titan’s bed was in the other side of the room. “Jake? Is that you?” Madison groaned quietly. “Yes…” Titan said, now in his regular persona as Jake Knight. “Oh… Okay…” “Go back to sleep, Maddie!” Jake whispered to his younger brother by two years. “We got school in the morning…” “So, did anything exciting happen on your patrol?” the little brother asked. He was always curious and wanted to know all about Titan’s latest adventures. “Nothing much… I rescued a cat out of a tree… I took a lost dog to the shelter… And, I stopped a robbery at a convenience store…” Jake replied. “It was very quiet…” “A robbery?” Madison queried as he bolted upright in his bed. “Yeah! The robber drove a nice car, too! He had a black Corvette!” Jake said, as he crawled under the covers. “Unfortunately, he almost got away with a few hundred Dollars in cash, but I stopped him…” “Wow! What happened?” Maddie whispered. “The thug tried to run me over but I blocked his car. Then he got out and he tried to shoot me a few times, but that didn’t work, either… Obviously!” Jake chuckled. “He shot you?” “Yeah… But I took the bullets and I swallowed them…” “How did they taste? Like chocolates or like mints?” “Oh, these tasted like chocolates! But, you shouldn’t try eating bullets, Maddie! You’ll hurt your teeth!” Jake suggested to his little brother. “Now settle down and let’s get some sleep, okay?” “Okay. Good night, Jake.” “Good night, Maddie!” Both boys then dozed off into a deep sleep…
The End

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