Titan enters the convenience store

Titan stood at the parking lot of the convenience store and waved, before he turned around and walked into the store. Paul was still standing there, sweating bullets after he had just been robbed. He immediately gasped when he saw Titan walk in the store. “Oh my goodness!” Paul said to the boy. “I just saw what had happened! The robber! He just shot you four times! I thought you were dead, my boy!” “I’m alright, sir!” Titan smiled calmly. “I just came to check up on you! How are you doing?” “Ooh… I’m a nervous wreck… I hate it when these things happen…” Paul said to the young super-hero. “So, umm… What can I get you?” “I just wanted to see if I could get something to drink…” Titan said cheerfully. “The bullets made me thirsty.” “Sure, kid. It’s on the house…” Paul said. Just grab whatever you want and I’ll ring it up for you…” Titan walked to the large refrigerator and he opened it and removed one of the cold bottles of soda. Then he walked around the aisles and spotted a bag of candy he liked. Finally, when he walked back to the counter, he placed everything on the counter top before him, so that Paul could ring it up. “Okay kid, that was just over two Dollars, but I got you covered!” he said to the young hero. “Thank you!” Titan said, as he was about to walk out with the candy and the soda. “Gosh, aren’t you out late, for a kid of your age?” Paul asked him. “Yeah, but I don’t need to sleep all night long” Titan replied. “I usually fly around on patrol for a few hours in the morning. Well, I’m going home and sleep for a few hours, before I go to school in a couple of hours. Take care!” As soon as Titan walked out of the store and walked away from the building, he then made a mighty leap into the air and took off flying! With his arms extended in front of him, the short, muscular boy soared over the dark, nighttime sky as he headed back towards his home. In the meantime, Paul was looking out the window of the convenience store and gasped when he saw Titan leap in the air and take off flying. “What the---?” Paul gasped, as watched Titan take off. “Look at that kid go! That is just incredible! That is so cool, to meet a boy who could fly!” A few hours later, the newspaper delivery truck arrived with the early edition of the newspaper. They had the photo of Titan on the front page. “Wow! I saw that kid!” Paul said to the delivery man. “He was here this morning!” Paul became very excited as he told the newspaper man how Titan had stopped the robber from getting away with the money from his cash register, only a few hours before.
The End

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