Titan meets the police officers

The other officer then walked up to Titan and gave him a handshake. “Thank you for coming here, Titan! They told me over the radio that they had called you and that you had agreed to help us out. Oscar is a suspect in several robberies already!” the officer explained to him. “Oh, my pleasure, officer. I guess I need to give you his gun or whatever is left of it…” Titan replied, as he bent down and blew on the gun, so he could pick it up with his hands. Then he handed the gun to him. The gun looked like part of it had melted due to the plasma blast. “My goodness! Did you do this?” the officer wondered, as he examined the gun closely. “Yes sir…” “I heard that several shots were fired. Did he shoot you?” “Yes sir…” “Are you hurt?” the officer wondered, as he looked down and examined Titan from head to toe. “Nope! Not a scratch…” “Where are the bullets?” the officer asked him. “Uhmmm…” Titan pondered out loud. “I ate the bullets, officer…” The police officer just stared at him for a few moments. “You ate the bullets?” “Yeah… They taste like candy to me…” Titan said sadly. “I didn’t realize you wanted them… I’m sorry!” “Well, it’s alright, but aren’t you going to get sick from eating steel bullets?” the officer asked the boy. “No, sir… They won’t harm me at all…” The police officer returned the stolen money to the clerk at the convenience store before he walked back to his car, where Titan was patiently waiting. “Well, thanks for giving us a hand…” the officer said, as he got into his car. The police officers started the engine of the police car and waved at Titan as they drove off, with Oscar sitting in the back seat.
The End

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