Titan gets shot

The first bullet was fired and it bounced off Titan’s chest, landing on the floor in front of him. It caught both of them by surprise! “Oh! That tickled!” Titan said with a wicked grin. Oscar’s mouth dropped wide open. Didn’t he just shoot the kid in the chest? He was standing ten feet away from him, and he knew he couldn’t have missed him. But instead of the boy laying on the floor and bleeding to death, he was still standing there, with a wide grin on his face! Titan then bent down and picked up the bullet and placed it in the palm of his hand. As the boy was squatted down and was sitting with one leg placed before him, Oscar squeezed the trigger some more. It drove him nuts that the strange kid was still alive! With the boy sitting on the floor, Oscar aimed the gun at his face and pulled the trigger several times! POW! POW! POW! During each shot, Titan had opened his mouth, and he had caught each bullet with his tongue! Finally, when Oscar pulled the trigger, all he heard was the “clicking” sound. He had run out of bullets. As he looked down, he saw the boy sitting on the concrete floor before him, just as he had opened his mouth and placed the first bullet in his mouth as well. Then he slowly got back on his feet again and faced Oscar. “Yum! You use those good bullets!” Titan chuckled. “I eat them. They taste like chocolate to me. Do you have any more?” Oscar was completely astonished. His mouth dropped wide open. Not only did this kid survive four direct bullets being shot at him, but he was actually chewing on them as well. It looked like he was chewing on a stick of gum, but Oscar clearly saw the boy place all four bullets in his mouth. Finally Titan had swallowed them, and he stopped chewing. “Good thing we’re at a convenience store…” the boy said to him. “I’m getting thirsty after eating those!” Oscar started to get really afraid of this kid. “Don’t you know it’s not nice to fire a gun at a kid?” Titan said, in a serious tone of voice. “First you rob a store, and then you shoot a kid! Pity, such a waste of talent!” Oscar started to take a few steps back. The kid was unarmed, or was he? “I guess it’s my turn to shoot you!” Titan said, as he extended his right hand and made his hand like a gun by pointing his right index finger straight at Oscar, who was still holding his own gun in his hand. Suddenly, a yellow beam of energy came shooting from the tip of Titan’s finger, striking the handle on the gun that Oscar was still holding in his own hand, making the metal gun heat up so much that Oscar immediately had to drop it on the floor! “Yeeeeooooow!!!” Oscar yelped, when he felt the gun heat up, thanks to Titan’s plasma beam. The smoldering gun lay on the floor in front of him. In fact, it was still burning as it lay there. Finally, the police car pulled in the gas station, and two police officers immediately leaped out of the car with their guns aimed at Oscar. “FREEZE!” one of the officers shouted. “Put your hands on your head! Lean up against the car! NOW!” Oscar had placed his hands against his head and was leaning with his chest against the side of his car. He was practically trembling in fear, as Titan casually walked up to him while the police officer placed the handcuffs on Oscar’s hands. “That kid!” Oscar shouted. “Take me away from him! He’s creeping me out!”
The End

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