Titan confronts the robber

The boy calmly walked in front of the Corvette and places his right hand on the front bumper of the black sports car, just as Oscar was about to drive away. “Move out of the way, you brat!” Oscar shouted at him. “Get away from the car!” The boy just stood there, casually resting his hand on the front bumper of the car, while he was smiling at Oscar. “Man, You’re not going anywhere!” he said calmly. “You’re gonna stay here until the Police comes!” “No, I’m not!” Oscar shouted, as he pressed down on the accelerator, and immediately revving up the engine. The back tires of the Corvette were spinning at full speed, burning rubber and slipping over the concrete, but the car was not moving at all! “WHAT THE HELL???” Oscar shouted, when he realized that the strange boy was actually preventing his Corvette from even moving one inch forward! “How can a little kid be so strong that he can stop my car?” Oscar opened the door and quickly grabbed his gun before he got out of his car. He knew that the police was coming, and this weird kid was preventing him from getting away! “What… Who… Who are you?” Oscar said to the boy, who had finally let go of the Corvette. The boy folded his arms again and calmly stared at Oscar. “My name is Titan…” he said quietly. “The police called me on my cell and I just flew over here to see what was going on…” “Titan… Who?” Oscar wondered. “I’m just helping out the people of the city of Washington…” the boy explained. “To help fight crime in the city; and that includes stopping thugs like you!” This last remark made Oscar very angry. Not only that, but he could hear sirens from a distance, indicating that police cars were approaching the convenience store. “Kid, I don’t care who you are! Get out of my way, or I’ll shoot you!” he shouted, while waving his gun at Titan. Titan slowly shook his head as he walked up along the side of the car and leaned against it. “Look man, don’t waste your bullets on me…” he said calmly. “You’re wasting your time. You can’t hurt me with that thing” he said as he pointed at the gun. Oscar found it strange that the boy didn’t appear to be scared at all, since he was aiming his gun straight at him. Why was the kid acting so fearless? Oscar became even angrier when the creepy kid leaned up against his black Corvette! “Get away from my car, kid! Back off!” Oscar shouted, while aiming the gun straight at Titan’s head. “Or I’m gonna shoot!” Titan just shrugged as he continued to lean against the car, smiling as he stared Oscar square in the face. This was when Oscar had had enough of this weird kid in the funny costume, who had been taunting him the whole time. The police was about to arrived at the gas station, he had the stolen money bag in his Corvette, and the only thing that was keeping him from getting away was this weird kid. He decided that it was time to get rid of him. He placed his finger around the trigger on the gun and he squeezed hard. POW!
The End

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