The Introduction of Myst and Titan

This short story is the introduction of Myst and Titan, two teenage superheroes from the book "Myst, Titan and the Outcasts"!

The following is NOT an excerpt from the book, but a separate story which introduces the characters to the readers.

Check it out! Enjoy!

It was three o’clock in the early, spring morning when Paul was stocking cigarettes at the front counter of his small convenience store, located near the downtown area of Washington, D.C. He had just received several new boxes to unpack, and since it was so early in the morning and there were no customers, he decided to go ahead and do some stocking of the shelves. Suddenly he noticed a car drive past one of the gasoline pumps. Usually he sees when a car stops and the driver gets out and pumps some gas. The drivers either paid with a card, or they came into the store to pay cash. This time, the car stopped, and then drove off again. He thought that the driver must have forgotten his wallet and decided not to get anything, so he just forgot about it and ignored it. A few moments later, a young man walked into the store, wearing a leather jacket. He had both hands in his pockets as he pushed the glass doors open, and he carefully gazed across the small store. The man walked right up to the counter where Paul was emptying out the last of the cigarettes, when the man silently stood at the front counter and waited for him. “Can I help you with anything?” Paul asked the man, wondering why the customer hasn’t taken anything from the store to purchase. He figured that the man probably wanted a pack of cigarettes, or pay for gas, or he wanted to buy some lottery tickets. Suddenly the man reached down in his coat pocket and pulled out a gun! He then aimed the gun right at Paul, and spoke in a baritone voice. He pulled out a small, plastic bag out of the other pocket, and handed it to Paul. “Empty out all the cash in your drawer… Now!” the man ordered. Paul slowly walked over to the cash register and opened it. He lifted the metal springs, which held the paper money in place, and he quickly removed all the Dollar bills from the register. He frantically stuffed all the cash into the plastic bag, before handing the bag to the man behind the counter. “Alright… Keep your hand above your head…” the man ordered. “No funny business, or else!” The man quickly walked out of the store, while facing Paul and keeping his gun aimed at the poor store clerk. Paul’s heart was pounding in his chest. He was scared to death, but he knew he had to follow the rules. He had been trained to know what to do in case things like this had happened. He knew there was a secret button installed next to the cash register, which he needed to push in cases when things like this happened. As soon as the man was out the store, and Rob saw that the man started running towards his car, he quickly pushed the button, triggering the silent alarm that sent a message to the computer at the police station. Now someone knew that the convenience store was just robbed. The robber, named Oscar, had just opened the door to his black Corvette and he was about to get in, when he heard the voice of someone addressing him. “Hey! Did you just steal that money from the convenience store?” Oscar looked up and saw a young boy, who was about twelve years old, standing right in front of his car. The boy was short and muscular. He had short light brown hair, bright blue eyes, and a friendly expression on his face. He was about five foot four inches tall; he wore a bright red suit which made him resemble a gymnast from the Olympics. He also wore blue trunks and blue boots, and he had an emblem of a blue diamond engraved on the center of his chest. “Beat it, kid” Oscar growled at him. “What are you doing up this late?” The strange boy folded his muscular arms in front of his chest and he just stared at Oscar as he got in his car. “I got a phone call from the Police” the boy replied. “I heard that this store just got robbed, and you’re the only person here. So, what’s in the bag, dude?” “None of your business, punk!” Oscar hissed, as he started the engine of his Corvette. He immediately put his car in first gear.
The End

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