The Delinquent - Act 02Mature

Miranda couldn’t see anything. Her auto-visor hadn’t retracted because of the crack it, and her head had sustained at the hands of that pig McDermott. “Crap! I’ll have to fix that later,” she cursed to herself as she wriggled sideways, trying to get her cuffed hands anywhere near her auto-visor to tap it manually. 

Her sense of smell was still sharp and the two bulls in the front were starting to smell like some half eaten pizza after a few days sitting on the table in her dom-pz. After trying every way possible to tap the damaged AVU, her nose curled up at the scent and she slammed herself backward into the seat.

The police chatter coming from the front was almost interesting at first, but now it was starting to grate on her nerves. Her head and back hurt from all the man-handling and to make matters worse, she was blind to the world outside her own skull and she couldn’t stand that. It was intolerable - something had to be done.

The one on left was thinking how he might convince her to “straighten up” as he put it. He inwardly giggled at his own past indiscretions but bore down on what he was going to say to her. She smiled to herself. The accusations were running heavy in his thoughts! She’d heard them all before. Nothing new here.

The one on the right was thinking really bad thoughts about her body. Imagining himself on her, and then in her. He was getting excited thinking about her. Moving hard against her - skin to skin. It didn’t matter to him if she consented or not, he was imagining taking her no matter what. Pumping and sweating in his little pig way; he secretly wondered if his partner was thinking the same thing and whether he would have a chance to see more of her before she went into the lockup. He was thinking how great it would be to watch her inducted into the bright green prisoners clothing directly after the strip search at the station.

Wonderful!” she thought to herself as a sick sensation rose from her belly and crept like a dark energy into her throat. She took a deep breath. “Just bloody wonderful!” She knew if they got there she could be in trouble. She also knew that she had him - had him right where she wanted him; the scum bag! 

She hated unprotected minds and most especially those who secretly harbored a pornographic sickness like this pig. Fire rushed to her head as her anger grew beyond her capacity to control it any longer. She shot into the one on the right, twisting her body in his thoughts so much so that she imagined his eyes widening with the surprise of these new thoughts and his manhood hardening stiff and embarrassing. She shot into his mind again, deeper this time, twisting the fool’s thoughts. Pushing him further and further into another world; another reality – the one she was creating for him, to use him as she saw fit. Her cheeks burned red and she thought she heard a long sigh come from the front as his mind collapsed and became hers.

She hollowed out the man on the right. She could have gotten his name and anything else she wanted to know, but she wasn’t interested in anything except what she needed now. It was her turn to use and maybe get some much needed retribution. She’d once fallen hard for a man like this; at the time chossing to believe these sick thoughts were kind of cute. Her heart had blinded her and made his lies worth believing. He’d fuc**d her so bad and she still had the scars!

She had no mercy and now completely in control; built an elaborate hoax inside the pig. The same kind of hoax played out every day on poor unsuspecting fools willing to believe they’ll have ready and willing virgins available to fu*k them once they die, doing what someone else pushes them to do.


The End

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