Plaza JuarezMature

Report of Central Juarez

The snow was still hitting hard on the
ground, just like the snow storm in the mountains of Wyoming, the dry
snow hitting every thing in its path and with a wrath that few we
able to bare.''Need help'' said Lt Vasquez while he was taking a map
from the armoury close by me.

“No thanks I am good.”

“Are you sure.”

“Yes I am sure.”

A long pause followed by
me saying.

“You know what you can
help me with something.”

“What is it?”

“You know about the Merc
group that has its base made near the Plaza Juarez?”

“Yes, Why?”

“Well, pass me that map.
Here there is main route between the Santa Fe bridge and this area.
This area is under direct control from that Merc group. The thing we
shall do is to take back that area of the city, with this we will
take back some land and open another supply line.”

“So the mission is go
down there dispose the main armoury or something as important as
that, or scare the crap out of them?”

“Yes, That is all we
must do?”

“What are the main
nationalities of the Mercs?”

“Mostly Asian and
African, some Middle Eastern.”

“Some of these guys
better be weak in morale, so we can defeat them easily.”

“I bet some of them are
, but I am scared of those Middle Easterns some are unbreakable.”

“How many troops do I
get ready?”

“Some one hundred, take
that refurbished tank we got from the last battle with the Drug
lords, Don't tell anyone were we are going, I know there is a spy
among us.”

“Ok sir, no problem.”

There we were once again
preparing ourselves to a long and exhausting skirmish, This skirmish
would be a long one. Who will have ever known that a the force
congregated in the area would be of around 10 companies.

So we marched Northwest
towards Plaza Juarez. Once  a rich mall located in the heart of
Ciudad Juarez. The plaza used to sell from the latest in fashions to
the groceries needed for a family. If anything the mall had a great
layout for defensive positions. The main causeway is surrounded from
all sides with deep shops. With this shops able to keep under cover
around 20 troops. The walls were high and heavy fortified, and
machine gun teams looked at the streets surrounding the complex. It
had become a sign of the Drug lords power to convert a once shopping
mall into one of the most fortificated spaces in all of Mexico.

Our scout team Lobos said
that the best place to attack the mall was a head-on attack with
artillery to take most of the Mercs by surprise.

“get the tank”

“where do you need it”


“shoot at the

The tank shot and we all
rushed into the plaza. The Machine gunners mowing our troops. The
tank gave us covering fire, still being mowed by the incoming fire.
We managed to get to the doors. Of the first wave of attackers we had
which were 100 only 20 made it to the doors. So there we were waiting
for reinforcements to arrive. The field post allowed 20 more guys,
this to be mowed down, for only for 5 to arrive.

“Ok, We have enough

So we rushed inside the
once old department store Cimaco. The first guy got to eat lead, then
the next one.

“Por nuestro pais”
(for our country) Some cried.

The Mercs were no good
against our more heavily structured forces. The fighting occurred
inside the Department store was cursed with blood and Hand to hand
fighting. They drew and improvised form of a bayoneted AK-47 While we
used the swords equipped with us. Sword against lance, little chance
against our well trained forces in the arts of swordsmanship. We were
able to cut through the main entrance therefore allowing another 40
to join the storming.

“Pass me the Radio” I

“yes sir” said the our
radio man, whom had been with us in the battle in the outskirts.

“We need for the tank to
shoot at the shop on the left of Cimaco, there is a a forward base in
that place.”

“Ok sir, The 'aqui es'

“yes, Attack, Attack,
Can you hear we are under heavy firing?”

So the tank crew did, and
what we found was astonishing. If the artillery had done more damage
we would all have been blown to pieces, The tank made a hole in the
wall, revealing many troops, many troops, but they all surrender.
Why? The artillery had shot the armoury were all heavy artillery
rounds we kept.  If any damage to the bombs might have been made, in
a radius of kilometres will all have been destroyed including all the
residential areas around. The Mercs and their commanding drug lords
surrender to our forces over two hundred of them surrender all giving
their weapons and all their belonging. The day had been victorious
for the Internationals, but as we establish this place as our base I
joined with the drug lord to have some peace talks. Our conversation
was this one

que regreses a todos los mercenarios a sus tierras
” (I need
for all my Mercs to return to their homelands) The merc leader said

hecho, Nomas necesito que sus fuerzas tiren armas al suelo en
independencia, Bolívar, y cinco de Mayo
” (consider it done,
the only thing I need is that your forces throw their weapons down in
the streets Independence, Bolivar, and five of May) I said

deja ir con mis tropas?
” (al right, sir do you let me go
with mi troops) the drug lord asked.

hasta se pueden ir. pero usted Se debe quedar conmigo, esto para
asegurar de que vallan a sus casas y dejen la guerra
all can go except you. You must stay with me, this to make sure all
go to their homes and get the war over with) I responded.

So we had establish
another supply line for both military aid for all allied forces, and
humanitarian aid to feed and nourish the war stricken people of
Juarez. Little did we know that this was the beginning of the end of
the war in Juarez

The End

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