The snowing had stop, but there it was
one of my nightmares. The snow was covered with blood native and
foreign blood, this blood will never be used again. Many lives will
have been save in hospitals or clinics with this blood, but no we all
lost this blood thanks to greed. The City was in ruins hundreds of
cars till the eye can see, all in a single file in AV. De Las Torres.
Babicora was close. Hungry old people were begging for food on the
street all wearing rags because there was no more industry in  the

de comer por favor”

tenemos hambre”

favor gringo ayúdenos que nos estamos muriendo”

This were the common cries while we
drove down that main artery of the city. At the beginning of the war
many sold all they had in belief that this will be a short one. 2
years have passed and no change many drug lords are fighting this
city and many others across the republic, central America, and
America as a whole. All for something most Americans want in their
noses, system, houses, cars, Etc. this is Drugs.

We came upon this American from
Greensboro in North Carolina, She said that this is a useless war and
why fight it.  I think she either does not seem the hardships of the
Latin peoples or she is a drug addict.

“Cpt Tyler we are only two klicks
from Babicora”

“Ok thanks Robert”

“No worries”

“HQ we are almost on position”

“wait for instructions”

“we are going in no mater what.”

“ok you are clear”

There we were about to reach Babicora,
Several gunmen on the outposts close by. “Shoot them down with the
RPGs don't worry a shipment of supplies shall arrive today.” There
we were shooting at them with Bazookas against puny sub 9mm. You
would only see the rubble around the home,or store, or bakery, or
playground. This was the habit for almost a hour. You saw some one
with a  gun shoot them down with an RPG.  I took notice every single
50 metres there was a shot of RPG given therefore in 2000 Metres
there will be lost 40 anti-armour rocket explosives.

''cut the RPG shooting and change to
Cal .50 ''

''Ok boss''

The destruction to the poor people of
Ciudad Juarez was unbearable. It was to much I decided to get into a
amour-vehicle and do not watch the rest of the destruction.

''we have arrived in Babicora sir''

''Ok your unit is dismissed for the
rest fo the night''

''thanks sir, but where do we go to?''

''On base no where else''

while this happen I saw this once great
police station, now a military encampment with very few shelters,
little food, and very little heat.

'' Is this the best Field Command in
all of the region

''yes it is''

What a disapointment

The End

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