The InternationalsMature

A group of internationals fight along side the common Mexican population for freedom. Chapter one- the internationals are Attacked by the Drug lords

You only heard the constant yelling and crying of the common soldier. all knew what was about to come the largest siege we must suffer. We had been in this forsaken desert for months to finally be on the doorstep of Ciudad Juarez. our forces were week. marching almost every single day to have skirmishes and ambushes every single 3 miles. some asked "why don't we go through the US?". The answer we the superiors gave them was "we are not authorize to cross into the US. Such a bad lie, most of our forces were American Citizens fighting for family members or for personal interests in Mexico. "palomas is dead ahead Captain, some two hundred men are said to be hiding inside the small town." We just bombarded with our mortars 'till we saw many fled. taking the town was not as hard as previously believed to be. When we where ready to make camp on the town,Command told us to move farther south into the wilderness between Ciudad Juarez and Palomas. we followed orders just to find out in the wee hours that  we were going strait into a trap.

We marched south and made camp around 1700 hours, the base was practically just some tents, ramparts, a trench, and the defense positions. By the 2000 hours most of the troops were fast asleep.

"this is Command where is Cpt Tyler?''

"I am here. What do you need?"

" A 400 men force is going your way, They have armored vehicles, Bazooka men, and assaults."

A small time of silence was followed by,

"ok we will give them all we got, ask SGT Owens if he can send some bombardiers"

"ok captain take care"

The noise from the radio was gone, there was only one thing I can do. "every one get on your battle stations we are going to have a battle with the drug lords here. Every one get your weapons wee will probably be besieged for some time." one one moment notice every one got all their gear, got to their positions, and stared at the lowering moon above us.

The snow started to fall in huge quantities for being in the borderland. It was 2200 hours all were waiting for the blood bath to come.

The hours passed by slow , but the snow felled fast in every single surface of the visible area. such a shame we will fight in such a beautiful sight. Sgt Castillo came to me and said " Back in my travels around my world I have seen snow, but not as beautiful as the one falling in my native homeland."

I wish I was back in Las Cruces my home. There most of the time it was peaceful expect when the violence spilled over.

"Here they come" said LT. Bolivar I a good female fighter and friend of mine from middle school.

The force was more than the prevously believed 500 "hitmen" against our small encampment of about 100 troops. The all had Ak-47 and M16, while we had MP5 and M4. No match against their power. Good thing there were no amour vehicles or else we could have all died.

"Fire, Fire,Fire!!!!!!!!!!!" yelled Sgt Castillo

"Disparen contra los Putos Gringos" said most of the Drugmen as they closed in.

Then the shooting started.

Hundred of bullets all sounding at the same time. The trenches or fox holes were getting attacked by the Drugmen, while the commanders protected the radio.

"HQ this is Company Fox, We are under attack! Radio SGT Owens for a air attack"

The shootout was horrible no second of silence, no second of peace, much blood, much body all were dying for their own cause. Only two common goals 'Kill the Americans' or Destroy all narco troops. This is a time to be sad

"commander what are you doing, here take this gun and shoot" said LT bolivar.

I shot with such an anger to see fellow comrades dying. " die you bastards, Die,Die,Die!!!!" this was my saying for a long night. Taking cover in the trenches or foxholes, going from one place to another.

"Disparen a los pendejos gringos, no tienen nada que hacer en nuestra guerra." said the main Narco commander in a speaker. By the time he finished one of our troopers PVT Salis killed him with a sniper rifle.

"well see about that" yelled the PVT.

The night was glowing red we lost many troops, Many troops till the Mexican Militia under the command of Ricardo baltazar arrived. He and a group of Commandos killing the remainder of the Narcos troops.

"Are you alright CPT tyler?"

"Yes,Thanks comrade!"

"No problem, Where are you heading?"

"Babicora. And you?''


End of Chapter One

The End

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