The Buzzing

My life hadn't been anything particular special. Rather boring at times in fact. But this was definitely not my idea of a relaxing holiday.

The fly people kept prancing around me. One pointing all of it's six index fingers at me and buzzing in what I could only assume was a harsh tone, while the other patted me on the back. It went on for a long time like this. Rinse and repeat.

After even more excruciatingly confusing time, I had come to two realizations. One, that I was in a spaceship being  buzzed at by Japanese monster movie rejects, and that seemed reasonable cause to assume that I had gone quite insane. Maybe it was the break up, who knows, but once you go crazy you never go back, and this fit perfectly with my second realization. The aliens were playing good cop bad cop.

Obviously this was a rather useless gesture because, of course, I was not quite as fluent in blender mating calls as they were. Come to think of it, this was pretty rude. If I was being abducted it would have been nice if my hosts had the common decency to at least noticed that their new hypodermic pincushion didn't visit the same vocal cord dollar store their own had. You'd think it would be pretty obvious.

To make this point abundantly clear, I cleared my throat and uttered the well thought words, “This is quite odd.”

The bad cop stopped his stamping around the room, stared at me for a few moments, and started doing something I could only possible describe as a very happy dance, only much more confusing because of his many, many arms. The other one joined in and they danced around for a bit while I hummed a little tune to the beat of their dance, quite content in my new found insanity. That is until they stopped, grabbed me, and threw me into a room whose door hissed shut. It looked suspiciously like an air lock.

Amazingly enough, it was.

The End

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