The Clumsy Hands of Probability


It was rather peaceful in space. Time had seemed to slow down after I had been shot from the airlock. It gave me time to realize just how beautiful the stars were outside of our little blue planet. I also saw the engines of a small craft next to me turning a bright blue. I suppose those were my abductors.

As I watched the blip of a spaceship disappear in a flash of light, I tried to recall which planet I was above. It was a bluish-green. Clearly a gas giant. Crap.

It was Uranus. I was floating above Uranus. What a lovely metaphor for my life. I was going to die of suffocation. Above Uranus.

I suppose that was it then. Wasn't much I could really do about the situation. Lead an utterly normal life, try to settle down and have kids, get rejected, then die in space after being abducted by alien fly cops. Above Uranus. Sounded like I had lived a pretty full life.

My god. I was even sarcastic in my final thoughts. Well that's depressing.



Suddenly there was a blinding white light and I was lying on something. No buzzing this time. Only the snapping of beaks.

“You couldn't just leave me to my horribly pitiful death could you!”  

The End

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