The Intergalactic Misadventures of James Brown

What happens when cynical and witty James Brown, is abducted by aliens and showed a universe beyond his comprehension? This.

I watched the solar system spin in its beautiful dance. Each planet circling the sun. Each planet twirling on its own axis, like cosmic spinning tops. All floating silently in the dark glimmering vacuum we call space. All making up our solar system, a mere cog in the galaxy, a mere speck in our universe. It was peaceful. Magnificent in and of itself, and extraordinary in it's larger purpose. Though at the moment my only thought was how much nicer it would be to be one of those planets. Would even be pleasant to be on one.

My name is James Brown, and I'd been abducted. By aliens. Though as far as I could tell it wasn't your typical abduction. There hadn't been a bright light, there hadn't been any weightless feeling, and there definitely hadn't been any probing. At least not that I knew. Please gods of fate, let there have been no probing.

All I knew was one moment I was sitting in front of my television watching some stupid reality show, and the next I was in a metal room being buzzed at by people with faces that resembled that of fly's. Needless to say I was quite surprised at this odd set of circumstances.

And my friends say I don't get out enough.

The End

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