Chapter III: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?


"Jade!" I urged. "Was Jarred dead long enough for the Imperials to pick up his signal?"

"Can't be sure, Doctor." She replied, frantically pulling up the surveillance system on the monitor. "But even if he wasn't, they've come."

"Curses!" I slammed my fist on the release to Jarred's unit. "Can I trust you?"

"You can't trust anyone, Doc." Jarred said with a reassuring smile.

"Please, I need you to head to the docking bay on B-Seven and prepare my transport pod, Jade and I will be along shortly." Jarred nodded and ran off. I had full confidence that he could find his way, but I didn't know if he would choose to. "Jade! Put all of the data on the IT onto a chip, then wipe the server!"

"Doctor, I've already blocked their access to the elevator, but they're making their way down too fast."

"If we don't get that information safely out of here, then all is lost!"

"I've got it all on a chip, but wiping the computer will take too long."

"Oh, blast it all!" I pulled out a laser pistol from my desk and obliterated the computer. "We'll never be able to come back anyway."

"Doctor, where will we go?"

"I don't know!" I crammed the last of my desk's contents into a briefcase. "But we can't stay here!" I rushed to the elevator with Jade close behind.

"Doctor, we can't run from the Imperials..."

"Oh, I think you'll find we can."

We arrived at the docking bay and entered the pod. "All systems go, Doc. Ready for launch at your command." I was only too relieved to here Jarred's confirmation.

"Let's get out of here!" I shouted. Within seconds, we were clear of the moon's surface. It had been forever since I had been outside of that lab, and had forgotten how our system looked through my own eyes.

"Beautiful as I remember." Jade murmured. Our system was made up of dozens of moons surrounding a star. The star's name was Solocis, on which there was built our capital city of Empire. The moons surrounding  Solocis were set in quadrants, and all orbited the star at the same speed. We had just left the moon Dethos in the Omega quadrant. Which once again lead Jade to pose the question, "Where will we go?"

I pulled up a map of the system. "I'm well aware that the Imperials will be able to track our life signatures as soon as they know whose DNA to follow." I said as I pulled out a device from one of  the ship's storage units. "In order to make us impossible to follow, we'd have to die." Both Jade and Jarred stared at me expectantly. "Or at least, they'd have to think we were dead."

The End

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