Chapter II: Who am I?

Jarred was sitting on the other side of a bullet-proof glass wall. He had already accepted that he was most likely a prisoner. I had explained that if he simply cooperated, he would be free to act as if this whole incident had never happened.

"My name?" I asked. Of course, it was a legitimate question, but the answer wasn't quite so reasonable. "You see, I don't actually know..." I felt sheepish.

"You- you don't know?" Jarred asked, disbelieving.

"I had... an incident..."

"An incident?"


Jade, who had been standing by quietly, decided to take this opportunity to interject. "Shortly after obtaining his degree in engineering, the Doctor  was arrested for conspiracy, or something along those lines. Only his captors know what happened to him while he was inside. He was found a week later without the faintest knowledge of a few specific details. He knows not his name, his captors, his family, his friends, or his reasoning for the so-called 'conspiracy.'"

I was pained by the story, and agonized over the fact that my brain had been toyed with. "I do know what I did to threaten the Imperials, though. It was a device I was developing, the Intelligence Test."

"Sounds like some sort of exam." Jarred said, feigning disinterest, but obviously curious.

"I assure you, it was anything but." I said, feeling like a professor in a lecture hall. "The Intelligence Test, or the IT, was what you came here to, erm, 'borrow.'"

"The machine that increases human intelligence?" Jarred exclaimed.

"Yes, that is a crude summary of its purpose. The IT's function is to improve every one of the brain's functions exponentially. This allows for expanded memory, improved reasoning skills, reflexes, hand-eye coordination, and even bodily repair." I paused to let that sink in.

It did.

Jarred reached up to the back of his head and discovered the scar where the IT had been attached. "It's inside me...?"

"Not exactly." I said, holding up the IT itself. In the dim light, it looked like a demonic, robotic jellyfish. "The IT was attached to you for mere seconds. In this time, it sort of... rewires your brain. It also injects a synthetic virus that allows you to use a hundred percent of your brain. I do not know my reasons for creating this device, but my reason for finishing it is to regain all I've forgotten."

"Huh." Jarred chuckled. "So the reason you built this thing is so you can remember why you built it. How ironic."


"So why haven't you used it on yourself yet?"

"Jade has informed me that your genetic structure was what allowed the IT to work so well. I guess you could call it a stroke of fate. Anyway, that means that only people with a similar code are compatible. This, sadly, doesn't include me."

Jade pulled me away and whispered in my ear, "Doctor, are you sure we can let him go after he's had the IT used on him?"

"Of course I'm not!" I whispered back harshly. "But if we keep him here any longer, he may be able to procure the IT again, and that is a chance I simply cannot take."

"How 'bout this?" Shouted Jarred from across the room. "I'll stay here and help you with your genetics problem. That way, I can earn your trust and you don't have to worry about me and my IT-ness being released unto the general public."

Jade and I stared openly from our location fifty meters away. "Has the IT amplified his hearing, as well?" I thought. "If so, what other hidden abilities could my invention have given him?"

The End

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