Chapter I: Mistakes

A nameless Doctor has been working in top secret on a machine he calls the IT (Intelligence Test). After an agonizing amount of years, a fateful occurrence nearly brings the whole project to it's knees. This problem ends up propelling the Doctor and his assistant, Jade, into a full-fledged rebellion against their nation's leaders, The Imperials.

"Well, what did you expect me to do?" I said, indignantly.

"I don't know, maybe you could have just asked him?" Jade consoled.

"Asked him?" I exclaimed. "Ask him what? He stole the IT, I couldn't just let him go!"

"No, I'm not saying you should have let him escape with the experiment, but maybe you could have said something! Done anything instead of shooting him!"

"Jade, let me remind you of the exact nature of what we're working on here. 'Top Secret' doesn't even begin to describe the classification of what's going on. I couldn't have called the Imperials or even the Lunar Security. I couldn't very well talk to him. Of he was willing to pull a stunt like that, I'm pretty sure he's beyond reason."

"Doctor, the Imperials have everyone's lives on monitor, they'll know that someone is dead before long, and they'll have his signal within five feet of that spot!" Jade said, pointing to the dead man's body. "So what are you going to do when they come knocking on the gates?

I considered this piece of knowledge for what must have felt like hours. "We can resuscitate him."


"We can use the IT."

"But, Doctor... It's- it's untested! More than unsafe! There's so much we still haven't calculated!"

"Jade, prepare the test subject."


"Jade!" It's either this, or a lifetime of work confiscated for the use of the Imperials, and most likely a death sentence. Prepare the subject now."

"Right away, Doctor."


"Sir, are you alright?" I asked, my heart pounding.

The man groaned, blinked several times, coughed violently, and spoke. "Ugh, where am I? What's going on?"

"Sir, I'm going to have to ask you to relax, and answer some questions. Jade, record his vitals!"

The man attempted to sit up, only to find that he was bound to the table. "Hey, what's this, now? Let me go!"

"I'm sorry, sir, but I need to keep you restrained while your cognitive functions- er- reboot."

"What to you mean 'reboot'? Let me go this instant!"

"Sir, please! You must relax, there is not enough blood in your body to exert much energy." I implored.

The man quickly found that he was far to tired to do anything, and he resigned to his condition. "Fine, ask your questions."

"Excellent! First, will you tell me your name so that I may stop calling you 'Sir'?"

"It's Jarred, Jarred Gossek."

"Jarred, what is your last memory before you woke up here?"

Jarred visibly struggled to remember. "I was, erm, I was at my home. No wait, that's wrong. I was at my office on Solocis. Me and some friends of mine were talking about some of  the new employees. They were real hotshots, and we were all pretty sure that they had kissed their way to their positions. Hmm... Oh yes, then we went to the break room, and my friends told me about this crazy scientist that they had heard about. They said something about this invention he had made that could increase human intelligence. Then... Let's see. Then they told me that if we could get it, we could run the company, and no one could push us around or anything. We got so excited about the idea that we hopped on the next transport to the planet the scientist was at. We were gonna borrow that machine from him. Well, my friends got caught by some guys outside, but I was able to sneak in. I grabbed the machine, but someone in a lab coat saw me, he pulled a gun and-" Jarred stopped abruptly. 

"Jade, could you sedate our guest?"

"Yes, Doctor." 


The End

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