The BossMature

Sam dressed quickly and ran towards the large steel and glass building that housed the ‘room of doom’. He strode past Fiona who looked up from her paperwork and nodded to suggest John was ready for him. Sam trotted into the office but John wasn’t there, instead there was a tall middle-aged man. The man sat there with a small smirk, he quickly wiped his face of the smile and slid into the seat behind the desk. “Sam, please take a seat.” The man said, while gesturing at the seat opposite him.

Sam decided that as he didn’t know the man he was un-important and so decided to be cheeky, “I’d rather stand here, sir.” He added the last bit with venom in his speech. The man raised an eyebrow with a quizzical look and said “You don’t know who I am do you?” Sam started and then stopped, obviously this man was very high status, he then started to regret being so rude.Why do I have to be so stupid? The man continued “I am John Smith, head of the Federal Bureau of Intelligence, the presidential military instructor and many more titles. I’m only second to the CIA, now you should stop gaping; I need to give you an assignment. As your rash actions have grounded you to minor missions, this should suit you well; one of our top agents was assassinated in Sydney, Australia. This is due to your escapade; I hope you know. His daughter is a very talented individual and as her mother is unknown, we need her to join our organisation. She will join the child programme with you, and so you should be the one to retrieve her. Also you are the only one who would be inconspicuous around her. She is attending Cambridge Park High School, and you will join her. Eventually you will take her back here and then you will receive full mission status once more.  

The End

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