A Whole New World

I woke again.  I was used to the slipping in and out by now.

But this time it was different.

The room was a pale blue and more tastefully decorated.  There were no tubes in sight, no monitors and a window.

I stood up carefully, testing my body and unsure of the next turn my mind would take me round.

I slowly walked towards the window and glimpsed a thin slice of sunlight through the curtains.  My feet fell heavily on the thin fuzzy carpet.

My hands ventured out and found their mark.  The sea blue curtains were parted and the sun streamed in.  I had to shield my eyes for a moment or two until my eyes re-adjusted.

Through the window was a whole world.  The sky was a grey-blue colour and people were hurriedly jostling past the window in all directions.

There was something wrong.

I lived in the modern world of 2010, with technology, machines, phones and computers. This was a whole different story.

Then it dawned on me.

It was impossible!

But it was.

I decided I liked living when I knew up was up and down was down.

I looked down at my clothes.  I had an azure blue strapless top on, and an acid wash denim shirt over the top. The cuffs were rolled up to just below my elbows.  A belt was wrapped around waist. I had a pair of plain skinny jeans and some dark blue platform shoes just to top it all off.

I decided just to go along with whatever happened.  I had to find out what the hell I had to get home, that much I knew.

I was in the eighties.

The End

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