The inner little girlMature


I cried today for the little girl that I wish I still was. The little girl’s hand that I once use to hold but let go for that one moment one day. Now years later I am looking for that little girl making sure that she is still the same girl. I find her in the corner crying, I see that she not the same little girl that I once use to protect and guide. She has fallen’ into the lies and the fast lanes of the times. She is now wise beyond her years. I’m sorry for letting go of your hand and not protecting you. I held out my hand as I waited for her to take it once again. She looked at my hand in disgust; with rawness to her voice, “Huh, now you want to be here? You’re just like everyone else claiming that you want to protect me. You know how many times I have heard that? Please you’re going to do the same thing as the rest. And don’t tell me you’re sorry, you’re a day late, and a dollar short on that one. I have had so many sorries thrown my way that I don’t even feel the words anymore. I don’t need you, I DON’T NEED ANYBODY.” With that she got up and I watched the younger me walk away.

The End

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