I had begun crying a little myself as I recalled the horrific experience. “Honestly… all of the shit that happened could have happened to anybody… but off all people… Maria Phillips was not one of them. She shouldn’t have been one of them…”

Jakobs seemed to feel the pain I felt and gave a weak “sorry”.

“No. You shouldn’t apologize. In fact… no one can apologize. Those that could have weren’t in control of their actions… and they’re all dead now”.

The chief just sat there, staring at me hard. “Let’s not get these interruptions” he said. “Skip this part if you want. I don’t want to hear horrific death stories either”.

I needed to take a quick breather to recover from that. Throughout this experience, I had cried for Harry. Now I cried for Maria. Years from now, I had a haunting feeling that the cries would continue to echo in my ear.

The End

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